new layout!!

isn’t too early for me to change layout?
i freaking care right now because i am so piss off of my so called big boss’ daughter.
come on!!
imagine this, i went to send drawing to somewhere because the Director needed it out ther urgently.
so i was asked if i can send it and of course i’m capable of driving.
so off i go sending some drawings.
the this bitchy daughter of my big Director was there when i left.
purposely she saying me went home at that time.
come on!!
if i do go home, i do have my good excuse for it right?
damn that bitch..
it’s 5pm and i’m going home..

2 Responses to “new layout!!”

  1. biasala bah.. anak boss baahh~~

  2. Papams!!
    yea but she is far more bitchy then any others ni..
    if you were there, sure kana cross lapel suda..LOL

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