peeling skin~

my tattoo is so itchy that i wanna scratch until terbirak nanah!!!argh!
as previus post in MSN Live Blog, i did mention that i get tattoo on my left calf.
it’s a Polynesian theme with the some story about my life.
it’s been almost week now, precisely is 6 days already.
it’s start peeling ont the 5th actually.
but when it start peeling, it’s like all of them at once.
now what ‘s left is around 80% of the dead skin still attach.
hopefully by this weekend everything will fell off.
here some pictures of them.
close up peel
curl peel
curl peel 2
peel side
and here’s some detached dead skin.
dead skin 1
dead skin 2
dead skin 3
can’t wait till it’s done..

2 Responses to “peeling skin~”

  1. Put lotion la when itchy~~

  2. yea..
    i did put some on it..
    now it’s in most hideous form right now..
    later until i healed i will wear shorts 24/7!!

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