something that i saw yesterday..

yesterday i was watching movie at my dad’s room.
the movie was called ‘Day Of The Dead’.
it’s one of the zombie story as usual you can hear and it’s becoming a trend nowadays.
it’s quite good for the story and it’s like an utlra zombie instead of super zombie.
the zombie change instantly and it abis to jump high and crawl the ceiling.
okay, enough about the that movie.
when i was watching, my dad came in and preparing to go out for work at Sepanggar or something.
change his clothes and taken all his wallet and phone then reach from his beg an envelope.
then he taken a CD out and toss it to me and told me this,” Edison Chen’s pictures..the complete set and some chinese news about him..the pilaks sell it to me..”
he did pass me the whole complete set in a DVD to me.
so he went on and so as usual i turn on and see what so nice about those pictures.
was enjoying the pictures but it’s kinda boring loh the pictures..
almost all of the pictures are the same pose and only different is the girl on it.
but i have to praise the guy who made this DVD la..
slide show of the pictures WITH songs that what would you call ‘romantic’ songs la for those times..hehee..
they claim Edison have like 1300++ of pictures but what i saw is like only around 80+ of it.
after the slideshow (which i fast forward it),  then came some news and interview were made for friends and relative of the ‘victims’..
there is one video were made by Steven Lim from Singapore.
some of you guys may know him but anyway, the video he did is same as the guy do for Britney spears.
he comment and plead people not to bully his so-called idol, Edison Chen in few different languages and one of it he made while fake crying abis how sad he is.
all i can say about this incident is, they are the victims in this matters.
naked photo shooting is wrong but it’s their personal life, right?
nothing wrong it actually but somehow it been leaked out.
anyway, most important is, make more of these pictures so i can enjoy it!!
i’m just kidding.XD

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