i don’t where to start in this post.
it’s been like battle field at my place since Monday morning until today.
papers flying thru and over your head.
stupid people barking off their head.
suck in this company.
anyway, update!!
i went out on Sunday with Deruton and Cicy.
we walk from Gaya Street to Wisma to Karamunsing.
and look what we bought.
small crystal soil
pink crystal soil
Crystal Soil!!
and why we bought it?
i dunno..
because we were bored?
but it’s amazing how it turn out.
in minutes it expand/grow/what-ever-it-happen to it.
let’s watch..
small crystal soil
med crystal soil
large crystal soil
i didn’t make it any larger.
maybe i should get bigger glass to experiment how huge it could get.
but there’s a highlight in this.
which is i’m changing this.
fake mistletoe
fake camel mistletoe hanging in my car
teru teru bozu
teru teru bozu!!
it’s been raining cat and dog and dragons.
so i think it might be a great idea to hang teru teru bozu.
that’s remind me, i need to wash and clean my car quick!!argh!
ps  i hate the fact that some ppl don’t when ‘dead’ after they send a msg thru messenger/sms/mms/what-ever-texting-format.

One Response to “changes”

  1. […] remember the crystal soil that i was playing around? today i have something that can be put into them!! woohooo!! here it is […]

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