the evolution is here!!
something about Malaysian that i seems not to understand..
they don’t accept changes!!
i mean they don’t have the guts to change enviroment or system.
one of example is computer system.
i mean we all know that not only Window Operating System (OS) exist in this world.
there is Macintosh, Linux, Redhat, Debian..etc..
and we all know that Windows been hack and slash few millions time.
i mean why don’t we change it?
i know Macintosh a.k.a Apple is expensive.
it’s like Macintosh is like a Porsche where it’s a expensive car and Windows is like Perodua where everyone could afford.
but there is another option where i think everyone will like.
free license!! woohooo!!
but there’s a catch..
most of the stuff, you need to do it manually.
yerp, almost everything..
anyway, i don’t really mind if you use other OS but what i’m saying here is, i wanted to try other OS because i’m kinda sick of Windows because of the viruses, bugs and worms.
it’s just keep bugging me for so long.
i’m changing into Debian.
iya bah..changing into something weird and might blur you out in few clicks..XD
why should i care kan?
i mean when i start to own a lappy then i should customize it so others will go blur when using it.
i like customize stuff and make it my own.
it’s base on Linux by the way.
anyway, i’m downloading illegally in my office..XD
where i wasn’t suppose to download stuff but meh, it might help out the company anyway.
it’s free!!
got linux?

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