the end is here!!

goodbye my precious..
i’m won’t bringing you with me anymore..
man, i’m so emo right now..XD
anway, it’s getting wear and tear so i decide to retire it earlier..
seriously i love this bracelet but it have to be keep as long as i could..
but yalah, things change and we have to move on..
move along~XD
another thing to blog about is BAK KUT TEH!!
bak kut teh
punya lama suda i didn’t eat bak kut teh..
the taste, the smell, the sweet taste wogok!!
still icthy a bit with dry skin..
aloe vera gel on tat
it’s aloe vera gel by the way..

2 Responses to “the end is here!!”

  1. Aloe Gel is for burns kan??? Use lotion lah!! Cocoa butter lotion or something from Body shop ada tu!

  2. dunno..
    it’s already healed but just apply something to make the dry skin to be..wet?

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