remember the crystal soil that i was playing around?
today i have something that can be put into them!! woohooo!!XD
here it is :~
flower in glass
whole flower
“straight up!!”
close up
“close up.”
lovely isn’t it?
actually the rose is from my sister. she work at a place where flowers been sold and a customer bought it and said he will pickup the next day..
few days pass and the rose is dying so my sis bring it home and now it end up in nice glass with blue soil.
anyway, part of that i maybe bringing myself a book.
it suppose to be a diary but i may just doodle stuff in it since i’m driving due to the reason my dad is driving mine.
my dad’s car was..how to say this..hancur because of an accident.
the story goes where my brother drove the car uphill to Tenom but halfway the clutch  die on him.
stop there for awhile and was planning to go home since car is no in good condition.
turn around and off they go..
come to a corner, my brother step on the brake.
with the eye almost pop out, the brake wasn’t working.
a few stomp on it but still is not working.
without panic, he told the other to hold and he try to stop the Land Cruiser II.
think and think, finally he decide to ram something to stop it.
bam and ram he goes and finally the car almost hit the dive to the pit of death where all car that dive into it will meet the Death.
luckily, the car didn’t dive in.
the car was stuck by the back wheel on the rail guard by the road.
“man, i tell you ah..is just like the movie where car stuck halfway and start to wiggle before jatuh..”
that’s what my brother tell me when Skype chat with me and my dad at home while sending this photo from his girlfriend’s house.
here’s more of the pictures :~
close up
close up back of the car
halfway pulling up
front vview of the car
well, that’s why i don’t have my car.
kimpang bah one leg!! OMG
a policeman that pass by, stop and see.
even he said that 10 accident occur here, none survive..
now that i don’t have car to drive home so i become a passenger.
while being sitting around, i think i could do some doodle.
front book
inside book
front and back
hopefully i could something out and blog it in here..wipe

2 Responses to “flower!!”

  1. Waaahhh~~~ anybody injured during the wreck???? Looks so bad oh~~

  2. no la..
    just normal bruises and scratches sija la..
    actually, these pictures doesn’t do the judge. it look more damage in real.

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