Some tips in raping scene..

i’m a fan of

every morning i came to the office and i will surf just after checking my mail.

this morning, i came to Papajoneh’s place..

in his post for the day, he posted tips for the ladies about how to avoid being raped instructions.

interesting then i read it to see if it’s the same as the last time i get it in email.

it’s very useful for the ladies out there because in his post, there are a few pointer for avoiding to wear or something to be aware of.

so ladies, spare some time to read his post here!! clicky~


there is one point that i tested to prove that it’s very effective.

01. pinch on the underarm (between the elbow and armpit) OR in the upper inner thigh VERY HARD.

my comment:~

so i was curious how really effective it is, so i pinch myself on my lower armpits during the office hour which is in the morning.

because i doubted that method so i pinch myself so hard that i wanna cry and shit myself at that spot!!

seriously, i tell you ah that is’s so painful that i don’t want to experience it again.

i wish that i could get it in camera to prove it but to do it again? NO WAY!!


maybe i could get it in CCTV in my office, we’ll see later if i can get it.

read Papajoneh’s post to see how serious the damage is when pinched really, really hard.

so for this method, i can guarantee that it’s really works!! and make sure you won’t feel bad when you do that or else it’s not working..

02. kick/punch/smash on the men’s groin real hard.

my comment:~

wooohh..this is the best among all attacks that can be use.

as a guy myself, this method is fully 100% workable with full force without any experiment needed for me to test it out.

personally, after you pinch the rapist, if there is a chance for you to kick it, by all mean and that guy doesn’t deserve any kesian at all, kick HARD and NICE on it and run to safety where you could get help.

so imagine that rapist was in pain on the ribs trying to regain strength thinking to catch you back from trying to flee for your safety but he didn’t expect a kick from you that so hard than he fall back to his knee to cry for his ‘future’ children.

03. when the rapist grab on you, grab his two fingers and bend them back as far as possible with as much pressure pushing down on them as possible.

my comment:~

finger breaking is very painful, i must say. certain people can’t bend their fingers backward at all but still, even you’re flexible like me, you couldn’t bend all the way to the back of your hands. it’s just impossible.

my personal experience is when i was rolling/wrestling during Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and i accidently bend a few of my fingers. immediately i tap out and stop the rolling/wrestling because it was painful and it was soreing and ache for few days.

so, you pinch and knee groin the rapist but he still can get up and grab you by the shirt or shoulder or anything, now grab his fingers with both hands and bend it until it breaks.


and that guy still can stand that pain and aftering you, i don’t think that guy is a human so you better run hard to save your life right now.



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