4 tags

Papams tagged me..  
4 Jobs I’ve Had:
~> Well-fare worker
~> Social Worker
~> Store general worker
~> Drought/draft person
4 Shows on my TiVo/DVR:
~> Supernatural
~> ?
~> ?
~> seriously i don’t watch TV that much..
4 Places I’ve Been:
~> Ipoh, Perak
~> Kuala Lumpur
~> Sibu, Sarawak
~> Manila, Philippines
4 Favorite Foods:
~> Chinese Cuisines..
~> Unagi~
~> Meatballs~
~> actually, as long is food then is my fav..
4 CD’s Recently Listened To:
~> Christian Alternative/Rock/Metal songs by Deruton
~> Underground Alternative/Rock/Metal songs by Deruton
~> Mariah Carey pirated CD in my brother’s car
~> My personal selection from my collection CD
4 Things You Can Do to Make My Day:
~> hugs and kisses from the ladies!!
~> brought me to party like i never been.
~> somewhere in her/his own car to somewhere to be treat breakfast/lunch/dinner
~> been told that they love me for who i am now.
4 People I tag:
~> Okay Arms
~> Creski Malcom
~> Aaron Wilson
~> Someone? anyone?

2 Responses to “4 tags”

  1. “hugs and kisses from the ladies!!” ka? how about pondans? will that do? haahahaaha;D

  2. dude, klo pondan trus out of no where kluar Alien blaster to blast them into ashes, pee on it and flush it to the toilet.. XD

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