bloggy time!!

i review back my blog and i found that mostly i blog about is question about life, meaning to it or something about it.


anyway, i don’t know if you notice or not but having a hobby to blog, i intend to tell the story about stuff i saw and relate into life a whole community instead of myself.. agree?

naive or not, is just my point view and please read it as reading amterial instead of flaming, aik?

okay, back to business..


as i working in my old, dusty, messy, lame office, i love to ‘Stumble’.

it’s an application/plug-in/add-ons for firefox that i use.


there are a lot of stuff to ‘stumle’ upon using this application.

it let you choose your interest so that can stumble website that you might interested.

i stumbled upon this site.

Ordinary Things : an online journal of my observations in the comics form.

assuming he is a guy, i love how he express himself through ordinary comics from how he called his online journal.. simple yet to the point..

here’s some of the sample i ‘stole’ from him.. kekee!! no offence dude, i didn’t claim it as my own..


“some how i can use this to explain my wait for miracle to happen in my life.”


“i think i’m planning to have this everyday after i get my ‘leg’ back from my dad.”


“but the fact is, it need more effort than that to make ‘things blossom’.. but sure it worth it in the end..”


“this is so true.. but to think of it, things come and go.. chinese said, the old doesn’t leave, how will the new will come?”



amazing art from ozge samanci in Ordinary Things i must say.. even posting his stuff in here without permission or notifying..

hopefully he don’t mind about as i’m trying to tell a story and in the same time promoting his stuff..

p/s – i’m so gonna be dead if he doesn’t like what am i doing..


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