new addiction!!

p it’s been awhile since i stick to Play Station 2 at home until recently, i bought 2 game for my siblings.

but only one of them make me glued to it which is

“hahahaa!! i know and i’m not a fan of star wars either but this game is seriously fun!!”


childish you wanna say i am? bet you will say different things after you try this yourself..

i mean it’s practically follow the star wars story with no voice and it have random jokes/silly actions..

best part about this game is i get to play with my brother!!


it’s highly addictive and it’s all cracked and fun loving killing legos where there’s no blood and very compatetive but in the end it’s still as teamwork after all..

meh what was i saying.. anyway, it’s a cool game especially for Star Wars fan come Lego lovers but still as fun as if you don’t even know the story of it..

here’s some pictures of it :~








now, since electricity is back to normal, i shall continue my saga!!


4 Responses to “new addiction!!”

  1. so cute la the lego.. kk use to sell lego oso.. now so hard to find oredi…

  2. yea.. the last time i know they sell it is upper floor of Tong Hing near perlabuhan.. i have to admit that i used to be a lego freak.. i mean almost all of the theme are so cool!! hahaa..

  3. yo man… dun play games like that. go play yang got blood everywhere ba. haaha!

  4. dui.. not all blood and gore games siuk tu.. like manhunt 2? i found it boring and i actually fall asleep from playing it.. hahaa.. weird..

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