Kiddies’ Question

got this from Papams’ post.

well, it did got me questioning myself.

Kid’s Question #1
If you were the ruler of the world and you could have anything you wanted as well as have people do anything you wanted, do you think you would get greedy and mean or would you be a good and fair ruler?

so would i be good?

i will ask you back then. if a child can have it all, would he (i’ll he since i’m a guy.) be a spoiled brat? if yes, then my answer to you is yes, i’ll the most greedy, meanest and baddest among all human. imagine what can i do? i could order use human power to build my statue of liberty just to satisfy my boredom and mark of my ruling power even if there’s machineries to do so. imagine what else i could do? we start from childhood shall we? i will demand’ all the toys in world and then i want new toy each and everyday. i will play around with human chess, ask them to hurt themselves to amuse’ me. when i grow up, sure i will be even more cruel than that. people that cross my path, fail to amuse me, won’t bow to me, against me, disrespect in anyway that i would consider it is, will not be only executed but need to tortured and suffer before death for their ‘treachery’ and ‘rebelious’ act. if i would be even more cruel, i will ban and reconstruct the whole to on their knees and claim me as the new God an no God but the only God. religion will be perish and all human are my slaves. MWAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!


well, if i were spoiled brat since born.


but what if i’m still me since born? will i be mean and scary monster?

hmm.. it is a tough one to answer. i mean, i could have anything i want and i could do anything i want. so will i be mean? hard to say.

but i could say i will make a change in this world la. change the order of special rights and need between peoples. animal and nature conservation different from one place to another. make a special force for each matter. health force will go through places to do checkings. cleanliness force for clean city. police for crimes and support. charity force where peoples are encourage to donate for those needy in exchange of service. help out the poor and in need but in exchange of labour and army, not forced coolie but more to minimum pay for the works of maybe cleaning streets or other stuff from charity finance with extra privileges on certain stuff. extra financial towards technologies in change of conservation. army and weapons are needed to just in case. we could be facing zombies from illegal research or alien from outer space. LOL. discrimination act will not treat kindly. what else i could do? maybe open up forum for voices that need to be heard or station for complains. what do you think of my action? could this lead into more disaster due to rebel or it would be the most peaceful thing you ever heard? i would guarantee that i would be a good guy myself. i curse like a sailor, i do like to break certain laws myself..etc.. i’m not a Saints myself right?


if only i could change the world and could have anything that i dream of.. dream on!!


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