it’s been awhile since the last one and now is the month of May!!

woohooo!!! been 3 years now since i work in this wrecked company but how did i celebrate it?

sleep whole day at home on 1st of may..

anyway, many things happen these passing days and first off all, the fall of the electrical post due to some thieves stolen screws from it casuing the whole Sabah without electricity for hours and we are the victims on tat time..

here’s some picture of that time..


“emo time!! unlight candle, almost finished candle and lighter”


“wax!! bondage anyone? kekee.. this time went the power back for awhile.”


“man, my lil’ better camwhore than me.. hope you can see this..”


“my big brother nightdreaming while waiting for electricity..”


“me!! trying to ‘shut off’ the light with my barehands..what can i say? i’m a city boy..


after a minute we took the last picture, the electricity is back on. whew~

so on we lock up and on our fans and aircond and snore out until the next morning.

i forgot what time did it come back but yea, it’s kind midnight..


another thing i would like to talk about is parking.

how do u park at your home in your porch?

do you ever think of extreme parking like the game if you ever played before in internet?

i got 4 cars at home to park, a kancil, kenari, corolla and a land cruiser II aka prado.

so how do we do it?

prado is out of the question so he have to be outside. poor thing.

so left is corolla, kancil and kenari inside of the gate with flowers and plants by my Grandma.

so here’s pictures of how i park at home.



“look at those’s around 1.5 inches away.. okay, make it 2.5 inches la..”


“front of my car in front of the gate column..”


“zoom view in front of my car.. 4-5 inches away?


“here’s the gate.. guess how i put it in..


i just came home that at night. it was 12.30am in the morning and my brother haven’t come back yet so have to make some space for him to park inside without waking my up. isn’t it briliant? LOL  actually is from my father who used to be parking new cars in the port.

so here’s my question, do anyone any other than me doing such parking at home? or is only us doing such? man. how i’m proud of my parking.


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