where’s my friends?

well, Papams went for her holiday at Manila to rest and visit her friends there. have fun Papams!! i want ole-ole!! kekee.. just kidding. she deserve that rest.

my club’s friends went to Manila too for BJJ competition. something like Pan-Asian what-ever-they-call them. well, Angie get Silver and Gold i think, for the lady, so congrats. there are 9 medals i heard from Angie. most of them injured and Angie bust her lips. other country were like savages so it’s kinda predicted by me. i’m waiting for they to return and tell me about it. i’m sure they are having fun out there right now. have fun guys!! if they could hear me from here. *sigh*

holidays for Uni and colleges begin i think, where most of my friends are back here but didn’t even bother calling me up. so screw them and move on.

start back my kiddies online game awhile ago since i got my laptop.  it’s been very boring so i started it back since i got spare time at home and need more entertainment.

unofficially i joind giuk Julian’s guessing games for the Teddy Bear Army amount. didn’t link him up because i’m trying to avoid Giuk or being know who i am. yet, i hate to socialize. i’m am 1 away to winning USD15 but end up an auntie won it so congrats but i would like it if i can get one of the teddy bear. well, at least some consolation prize. i was this close ~>| |<~!! *&%#*$&#$^#$!!

well, i think that’s cover most of my stuff. will be updated later on.

Papams is tagging unofficially so since i got spare time, maybe i’ll make a story from it. which is next post that is. now, i’ll get some rest from my work which is making me shitting ‘nanah*’ out of it.

* nanah ~> Pus is a whitish-yellow or yellow substance produced during inflammatory responses of the body that can be found in regions of pyogenic bacterial infections.


2 Responses to “where’s my friends?”

  1. papams Says:

    Definitely will go back to Manila again.. so next round la I bring ole ole k??? hehehehehe

  2. YAY!! ole ole~

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