Issue in North Borneo/Sabah.

i will not say anything but to show it and link it. read it..




and here’s the newspaper link or something..

Warkah Berdarah Buat Pak Lah!

Sabahan beaten up for making a police report

how come this is not a big issue in the country?

are these been cover up by the so-called authorities?

are we the slave state of the country?

questions will not help but awakening is more important now for our fellow Sabahan.


2 Responses to “Issue in North Borneo/Sabah.”

  1. macam bukan darah ja yg tulisan tu… heehe. mcm water colour. jk. Sabah tatap!

  2. i dunno dude but seriously, this kind of shit have been happening ever since i know about black and white..

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