Diconnected from life.. Re-connected back when connection is available.. Please wait..

who do you call right after you have an accident?

no, not sex accident but car accident from mishaps or someone is careless and ran on you?

what question do you ask the other party when you came out from the car?

well, to tell you what i gonna ask is i ask is s/he alright? did s/he hurt or not?

then we discuss the matter.


guess what happen to me at May 12, 2008 around 4.45pm?

i crash my car on someone else’ butt.

i can tell you that his butt, is a strong butt since i din scratch his butt.

the only serious is mine alone.

here’s some pictures :-


“front view of the car.. not really that bad right? wait till you see it in real..”


“the left side of the car.. you can see the cover is actually bend open.. this side is better than the other..”


“bumper was remove because it was dangling around so better had it remove..”


so how did it end?

i ask if they are okay (obviously with an invader.. duh!!) then he ask if anything i wanna do since he is okay and the only one bad is me.

he asked if i wanna make a report about this, i decline since even if i report, i’m the one who will be fine.

so we shake hands and call it off. nothing much he can do anyway since he is okay and nothing change.

so i drove further abit and stop by the road side to wait for help since my radiator is leaking.

call up and ask around for help. end up we need tow-truck to tow away to workshop at Kolombong.

i send my cousin back home before i drove her car back to workshop to fetch her husband. oh, by the way, her husband is a mechanic.

so we drop off the car and we drove home while he explain certain things about fixing it.

so that ruin my night planning where i suppose to meet up chickas!!

how i wish my life just ended there right on the spot!!

my life have been so down lately and now this?

why don’t You just strike my arse with lightning already?


i just want something beautiful happen in my life once awhile.


so i went home around 2030/8.30pm, so i have my dinner while my family is cleaning up plates.

tell my story then finish, clean up and went up to change and prepare to bath in this strong wind and heavy rains.

when i just about to move my bad luck arse to upstair, a loud bang behind my house was heard.

curious what happen while my dad is out there feeding the dogs, i went back and ask him what happen.

he said the water tank from neighbour fell down and hit the behind house’ fences while laughing.

so we went upstair and check it out.


“took this outside balcony.. is it bad?”


the next door have been abandon long time ago so that’s why we not that surprise if the tank will fall because is rusty and it just a matter of time.

is the victim know about that? we certainly dunno about that but we planning to clean it up tonight after we got back home from work.

how’s that for the luck of the day?

“man, life suck and so am i.”




2 Responses to “Diconnected from life.. Re-connected back when connection is available.. Please wait..”

  1. jmakings Says:

    At least you can drive and have a roof over your head. We should be greatful everyday for even the “problems” we face. Change your attitude and se what you could learn from each situation. Things (your life) will begin to change for the better. Keep your chin up, be greatful everyday, and help someone else do the same. The more we help others, the more we help ourselves…

  2. whining is not a crime.
    thing/shit happens and sometimes those things happen are not making you very happy with it even if it’s for better. help and support is always i given out no matter stranger or not but the ending is always not good to me or how it seems to me.
    try to be in my shoe for awhile and you will know why am i whining and write it out here instead of telling someone else and forget about it. if i didn’t keep my chin up and open up my mind, i would have ended my own life 16 years ago.
    thanks for comment though.

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