this is so wrong..

i was browsing through Em Matias’ pictures that she took at Pan-Asian International BJJ competition while listening to my songs.

i never really meet her so i can’t say much. she’s from Team Fabricio, Philippines if i’m not mistaken and she is nice and friendly who like martial as much as i do but she could kick my arse anytime since i’m a lazy bum to train.


anyway, as i was saying browsing through pictures while listening musics, i felt like i wanna..

i dunno, kick some arse?

very wrong that i felt because violent is not acceptable if someone did not cross any lines or another words, it’s only for self defence only.

how could this be? i mean i’m generally not a violent/aggresive person but i got such a eager to hit someone? just anyone.

i think i should get a punching bag to punch/kick before i hurting someone.

i did ever think of getting back to ‘BJJB Dojo’ but somehow some stop my whole body and mind of going there.

call it me a pussy but yea, that something did very well to make me back my down from that place.

anyway, i really should get myself work out a bit to shake off some spare tyre.


4 Responses to “this is so wrong..”

  1. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to punch someone in the face..haha..haven’t seen you in a long time, you’ve got spare tyre ody ah

  2. bah, you, me on the the matress kasi lay on floor andusing pillow fight!! XD

  3. Kae Sen, if you ever got that feeling again… remind me not to get near you okay? heehe… ui na pillow fight? lain tu tau… ;B

  4. dude, you don’t hit a lady gitu sija kan? kekekee!!
    bah, kita dua la. MMA style. mcm?

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