i’m having a meeting with my ‘client’, you retard!!

was discussing while having lunch at KFC, City Mall and then..

*phone ringing with screaming metal song*

kaesen : hello?

guy : hello, is this Kelvin?

kaesen : sorry. *leave KFC because too noisy with kids around*

guy : is this Mr. Kelvin?

kaesen : oh, i’m sorry but i think you got the wrong number.

guy : who is this?

kaesen : this is kaesen.

guy : Jason?

kaesen : no no, is kaesen, K-A-E-S-E-N.

guy : Ooh.. anyway, how long you’ve been using this number?

kaesen : around 5 years, why do you ask? and who are you?

guy : i’m *forget name* from *forget company name* communication Sdn. Bhd.  and we trying to contact Mr. Kelvin. so i believe this phone number have been recycled from Mr. Kelvin and we have a gift voucher for him as he is one of our specially picked..bla..bla..bla..bla.. and since we can’t contact Mr. Kelvin so i guess we’ll pass this to you.

kaesen : *scammer alert!! t(=.=t)* so what do you actually wanna say?

guy : the number that you using is a recycled from terminated numbers and re-use and we have a gift voucher for two to dine in *bla..bla..* hotel which we have branchest in KL, Perak, bla.., bla.. that is worth RM??? and we are giving it to you since this number have been picked by us which suppose to be giving it to Mr. Kelvin. so would like to have it?

kaesen : alright and how suppose this number would be recycled if i have been using 5 years ago where DiGi selling new numbers like hot cakes and if it’s used to belong to Mr. Kelvin why don’t you find him instead of him since it’s his name not me so making that i’m not eligible for the gift, right? don’t you have his record over five years ago or you even tried to call this number or some in contact with Mr. Kelvin for five years period?

guy : yes. as this number is been picked and you’re our lucky winner. are you busy at the moment?

kaesen : yes because i’m having lunch-meeting with my ‘client’.

guy : oh, i’m sorry. can i call you back tomorrow?

kaesen : *with angry big shot annoyed tone* i don’t think you should do that since i’m not interested in your stuff, okay?

guy : oh, okay. *click!*

kaesen : wtf? o.O *is this how you end an official conversation over the phone? dumb fuck retard cock pig.* LOL

and actually i was having lunch with my colleague instead of client.

ps – beware of scammer people..


6 Responses to “i’m having a meeting with my ‘client’, you retard!!”

  1. I would have fallen for that..haha

  2. you are not kidding mah kan? how could you fall for that? hehee..

  3. ui bahaya tu tau. a con-man kali heehe… bijak juga ko ah 😀 why didn’t you tell him to shove the gift up his ASS haaha…

  4. hahaha!!
    if i tell him that, he have a chance to get me back by using lawsuit. XD

  5. yabah.. so ketara scam oh!!! duh~~~

  6. yawoohh!! they should get new style of scamming suda ni.

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