guess what..i’m blogging using Ubuntu!! woohoo!!

i mean i have installed Ubuntu, which is a linux based Operating system and it actually working fine!!

for all this while i’ve been looking for the right OS since Microsoft suck.

viruses, bugs, spyware, worms.. etc.

i seriously getting sick of all that and now i’m using something that is free and all i need to do is re-learn everything and re-format all thos windows based habits.

hopefully i could mastered the basic stuff before i could fully use Linux base OS.


here’s some pictures of the CD that they send it free to me.

“lookie!lookie!! package fer meh?^^”

“it iz fer meh!! woohoo!!”

“Oooohh~ Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Ubuntu Server.”

“LOL some how this part make me laugh when i saw it..”

“a CD and 4 stickers!! with freebies too? whoooaaa~ i ❤ stickers..”

“the CD look like this.”

“they ask me to pass it over, so anyone want a copy of this?”

anyway, it need at least 384MB of RAM if you wanna try it live-CD where you don’t touch anything in it or 256MB of RAM with 4GB disk space to install in your machine.

they have many features and software where it’s almost perfect so you don’t have to bother buying license for software.

GIMP for image editing just like photoshop, games that way cooler than Windows minesweeper, solitaire..etc. and they have all of it, Mozilla Firefox 3 replacing IE 7 which we all know Mrs. Firefox is more sexier and fun to hang around with, OpenOffice.org replacing Microsoft Office and you don’t have to pay extra to use it, Pidgin which is like all-in-one messenger where i could online using one messenger with multiple client including MSN messenger and erm.. if i continue, i might end up as the longest bloging that ever made by human.

anyway, i totally in love with it because of the interface and stuff which made by human for human and it’s way cooler than the one that you paying extra on it.

the only problem i’m having now is the sounds which i’m having a hard time even with others.

think about it.

okay enough about Linux, i need to hit the bed for tomorrow working hour. nite!!

p/s  private post tomorrow!!


2 Responses to “Ubuntu?”

  1. what the … never heard of it. makin maju suda ko… heehe.

  2. kekee.. ndak la maju mana juga.. just something to learn while do some changes.. mau try? it’s free and kastam or some piracy police can’t really get you.. kekee..

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