rumours flying through sms, calls, mouth to ears..

Rm1.90 per litre petrol raise to Rm3.00++ per litre.


is it true? we will see tomorrow.








it is true and that night when i went out, traffic jam like same scenery as people running away out of town from diseases or viruses or something. just least chaotic and calm. *sigh*

don’t pinky swear when you can’t keep your promises.

no price hike kunun. Butang Kinabu, you bitch!!


i need to get some rest from this tension.


p/s – my friend is getting engage soon enough, so Congratulations!!


2 Responses to “oil?”

  1. harga minyak naik, jangan saja roti telur pun naik lagi!

  2. dude, bet on this, everything will be naik harga for sure..
    you need to transport stuff kan? sure mahal loh.. haiz..

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