rant or journal?

cat with kubrik

i was wondering. why am i blogging anyway?

out of boredom? trend? wanted to be famous? trying my luck in making a different?

i think there many other reason why am i blogging but now the problem is, i’m running out of idea what to blog or wanted to share about. i mean i wanted to share my experience or something i saw but in the same time, i can’t capture the moment to show you guys.

i could put it into words but without prove, of course i could say the world is pyramid shape, right? i have many interesting things to say and stuff to share but sadly, it’s always normal stuff or other people do experience it as well and they blog about it earlier.

for example :~

June 09, 2008
the flood storm happens on June 09, 2008 GMT +0800 happens at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. you could easily find few blog about it in giuk.net and they have pictures to show and tell.
while me on the other hand, i drove my father’s ol’ prado and fetch my friend from work where we suppose to going to 1 Borneo to catch some movie while being there as new building or as new borned baby and i swear if wasn’t me driving, i would have capture how creepy it is the road from Kepayan to Tg. Aru traffic light. the road was flooded 2.5 of the 3 lane!! luckily i was driving prado instead of my small little kancil. news flying through sms and calls saying most of the small housing area is flooded into houses even my housing area. even if not the first time flood happen in KK but this is the first time i went out and witness the havoc myself. cool experience but sad because this stuff happening. we end up watching ‘Beranak Dalam Kubur’, a indonesian horror movie which quite interesting and manage to scare the shit out of me. after we finish, we eat and chat until almost 2am at Foh Sang.

June 10, 2008
working as usual from 8.15am to 5.30pm. came home around 6.30pm and as usual boring stuff, clean myself, dinner and then sleep.
wth!! isn’t that i suppose to be blogging about myself for being another year older? i did planning to blog about myself but some how i was de-motivated because of my friend’s brother did that and unfortunely, his birthdate is earlier than mine. so i end up sleeping earlier and forget about being special. ealier planning was cancelled because all of my friends was busy that night making me even more de-motivated. how lame am i? kekekee..

June 12, 2008
my friend, Cuppy call me up last June 10, 2008 night which i don’t know why and we planned today to go on a trip to 1 Borneo. yay!! so after work, i got stuck awhile in office before i dash myself to Kepayan to pick up Deruton, so-called one of my brethen. then right after picking up him, Cuppy called and ask us to pick up the other friend at Tmn Bersatu Baru. so we dash off then pick up Marie and off we go to 1 Borneo! with my daring special road -hantaming langgar papan, we manage to get ourself into the parking lot where all of us agree that it smells like corpses in there. happily hopping, we get out and into the building. sadly, 1 Borneo is opening too early. i mean why opening a hypermall when it’s only few shops? meh, so we start photo grabbing for their college reports while i’m walking around as ‘kampungan’ guy trying to enjoy the place. round and round we did as we looking for GSC like idiots taking pictures when their are lost. luckily we did manage to find the it and we bought 6 tickets to watch ‘The Happening’. good movie i must say as the Director is M. Night Syamalan. ndak hairan boss.. before the movie, we had our dinner at the Food Village where you need to purchase coupon to buy food. bazaar concept? i think so as they charge 5% of tax. meh, so much for eating here. Burger King or KFC anyone? after the movie, we all went home while arguing where Cuppy park his car with his sister. fun night especially after work i must say. pictures will be upload later on.

by the way, how did i rant into a journal? wtf? kekee..
anyway, it’s almost 12pm now and i’m freaking hungry with my slit mouthed.


2 Responses to “rant or journal?”

  1. Kae Sen ui… don’t you give up man… see, you can write a lot that. heya. and take some pictures of you man… we need to take pics together owh kan. and did you submit your blog for giuk? Do that…

  2. wtf? my picture!! sure trus kana ban and terminate all my account including email and community web page.. LOL i din submit to giuk.net because i try to make it a low profile rather than letting ppl to read my rubbish.. lack of motivation currently..

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