One Borneo

guess where did i go? kekee..

nice kan tu picture? courtesy to Marie Robert.

we went to 1 Borneo on June 12, 2008 with bunch of friends for fun and for college report. taking some pictures and making fun out of people’s life. LOL

nothing beats an outing between friends while doing something stupid.

our main event is just being there as fellow jakun people visiting the so-called new and happening place.

beside, we have nothing else to go as it’s kinda bored anyway.

anyway, more pictures!!

“punya close up ini.”

“new sexy models for Toshiba Laptop promotion that would make you buy one.”

“no shadows dragon kame hame ha kick!!”

“now let’s get some tickets before they ran out of it again.”

after that we when to the nearest empty space and hangout for awhile before the rest of the guys came.

so right after they arrived, we all went to have our little dinner at the food court called Food Village.


“the interior seems impressive. i wonder if the food does too.”

“as we walk down the lane and seeks as our stomach growl.”

“happy dinner!! missing two person in here.”

“tu nah si Tonton.”

we watched “The Happening” and in the end we all very satisfied how new the theather is.


2 Responses to “One Borneo”

  1. owh nda pandai bawa urg la… heehe. ini la ni tau… teda gambar chicks ka haaha.

  2. ui!ui!! sorry boss.. next time we go satu geng.. kekee..

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