Water World!!


Water World at Bukit Padang. i mean how often that you go there and have fun?

i don’t know you guys but i did this Sunday. bunch of crazy guys with stupidity around.

nothing much i can tell but just we head to Bukit Padang earlier but it’s was heavily raining then we end up at Api-Api Centre Mcdonald’s where we discuss where we gonna have it, Marina Court swimming pool or Water World Bukit Padang?

here’s some pictures we took along that day.

“Mr. Teru Teru Bozu!! at least he make it renyai-renyai instead of raining heavily.”





man, i’m such a camwhore for this past week but it’s actually a good start since i always complain of getting out stuff to blog right? kekee..

anyway, we was skinny dipping from 12.30pm to around 4.00pm. our skins is like prunes that you can easily find at any kiosk or market.


2 Responses to “Water World!!”

  1. that’s what i’m talking about man… more pics, the better…! why you didn’t take pics of chicks there with bikinis! argh haaha.

  2. gila ka wanna take pics of bikinis girl? IF there any time tu.. wakakaa!! but is best to be there la..

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