June 23, 2008 and it’s monday.

this is the only expression i could give you even if you gave me thousands of reason why to love monday..

yerp, no other than that. i mean how could be possibly you would happy with monday unless you really enjoy your work then i would be surprise.

anyway, on with the post for update about myself.


i think you get the point about that and i did claim my so-called subsidiesed(sp) petrol money and proceed to fixing my Rm170 (no labour charge included) motor (car air-cond) that make my life even miserable these pass few days. in the end, thye don’t have stock so i have to wait another week or so for it and my friendly technician told me to club the motor head to start moving it. out of carbon by the way.

and also not forgetting this happen to me too.

i’m the kid and that bastard is someone in my office. so imagine how i feel right at that time? even worst, it’s not like i’m only sitting here doing nothing, i worked too you know!!

one day, i’ll ride my fucking expensive car and laugh at them while they crash down by the road side.


it’s funny how things work out right? things might be better on one hand and when you turn around and found yourself in a middle of dry sand. fucked up, right?

so this is my story. in another hand, love thingin’ getting more magnetic lately.

i mean i have so much choices that i could settle with one. i want it all!! mwahahaha!!

but then again, i couldn’t be greedy because i might lose it all in this gamble.

i think i will play it safe for now and see how it will end and how intmate it could be then i’ll decide.

my job is getting more and more of a coccydynia (pain in the ass) and frustrating. so i might need to hide myself from them.

the most important now is i enjoy myself to the max.

few friends are getting back and cheer me up a lot.

i’m flirting more than usual so hence the magnetic effect.. kekee!! but i’m not a charmer..

i need to change my job from saving the days and not appreciated to something simpler.

to be free to swim across the ocean instead in my own small pool even if i’m a young dude.

but the truth is, all i can do right now is to sit back, enjoy my sweet bitter life and smile at all the stuff around me.

nothing beats a smile of silliness.


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