apparently, not all closing down to strike for it. another news is only Shell Petrol Station, Petronas as usual is a Dog Petrol Station following ‘their’ Master and Esso seems to be not agressive on this matter.

anyway, best if it’s working because the feeling of everything wanna come down, is not pleasant.

another new ‘alasan’ you can make is, “i drove around whole KK but all close down. so i have to drove all the way to Telupid to fill my tank. what else i can do?”


rumors has it, whole Malaysians’ petrol station on strike for few days to force Gov. to either maintain the price or reduce it.

anyway, we just have to wait for it and see what happen. new ‘alasan’ not coming to work, “No Fuel, Boss”.


2 Responses to “OMFG!!”

  1. Waa you went to Telupid? So far whew…
    Ya yesterday jam brabis owh kan… until round-about also can’t limpas… haaha…

  2. is just an excuse coming late to office bah tu.. hahaa..
    sometimes human are so dumb, you know?
    i sense “the boy who cry wolf” story having Deja-Vu..

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