September is coming?

yerp. August is coming to the end where ‘Malaysian’ shouting top of their lungs saying how independant they are. Matika!! Matika!! Matika!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!

nothing special this lately except me picking up bass guitar, my car is desperately needed service and repair, i missed someone and i really need to call her up, get my car re-painted, plan my budget for my guitar, paint and even my future house, etc..

about my bass guitar lesson. yerp, i’m learning bass guitar that i ever dream of ever since i wanted to learn guitar. i mean, back in secondary school, i couldn’t manage to get my hands on a guitar and i have no motivation at all. friends are not helping either and they always being selfish. oh what the hell, most important now is i’m getting myself a electric acoustic bass guitar with my own pay and i have bunch of friends who maybe not spoon-feeding me but still giving supports along the way. other than that is, i’m getting myself a target to impress someone so that i could push myself even more to get myself motivated.

now about financial. do you know how much can you save if you’re single and living with your parents? i think i can save up to Rm800 per month is i’m not spending much on other stuff. i mean minus my fuel money, lunch money (yes, i seldom eat breakfast), bills, reload. all entertainment allowance or something like that is strictly not in the minus list. side notes is i’m not paying car or house loan debt so no worries about that. so imagine if i’m paying those loans too. Rm350 at least if i’m driving a small little kancil (SLK) and for house loan for around Rm500 if i’m having a studio-style kind of house. how much did add up? Rm850!! where the hell could i fork out that Rm50 more? damn. it’s like sold my soul to work to pay debts. seriously, no one wanted to dedicated their whole life working, right? so my planning now is try to save money, get the most important done first. which is getting my car re-paint, getting myself a electric acoustic guitar [Ibanez AEB!!], at least a small amp for home use and last but not least, better improvement for my car like air press or such. then after that i might consider buying myself a studio apartment. i mean, i’m young!! but consider the economy in my country, starting early is consider a good thing.

home? let say i’m buying at Rm72,888, loan is Rm85,000 plus renovation la kan [human are greedy, you know?], interest is 6.25% but minus 1.45% so is 4.80% [but it’s not fix], down payment maybe i could fork out by like Rm8000? maybe Rm10,000 because i get ‘support’. you know how your parent will support you guys. [calculator smashing to calculate] ..ermm ..ermm ..that would be around Rm393 per month. mind you, this is only instalment for the house. you still need to get yourself some insurrance and few other stuff. i’ll keep my SLK if i happen to buy a house. it’s really make sense to keep the house and forget about your ride. at least you have a home, right?

the truth is, when i been knock behind the head by love, i will start thinking crazily. i mean, things that i never really thought of suddenly appear and i would start planning and planning and planning and planning.. bla.. bla.. fucking bla.. you get the drill. then if this plan working or not, it depends on how smoothly is this plan working. i have to admit, i wish my planning is working so smooth than an ant could crawl on it and the ant will knock his head everytime he fall down from the smoothness. all i wanted is just a happy live with someone i love and friends and family around me. nothing so hard about it, right? anyway, these are just updates and planning of mine. wish me luck!!

p/s – i still owe Armstrong that elephant potrait tag. (=.=)


4 Responses to “September is coming?”

  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

  2. thanks for reading dude.
    i appreciate each reader who enjoy it.

  3. What?! You memang minat play guitar… Dui na, you didn’t ask me for help… Well, practice well my friend and we’ll jamm soon. Rock on!

    And ya, you still owe me that tag man…;P Bila2 pun buli buat ba that… No rush:)

  4. otokoii!!dari dulu lagi sia minta ajar tu. looks like sia ni kira invisible la ni time school. haizz… apa buli buat..

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