Weekend Holiday Hangout!!

August is over so as the Matika!! Merdeka!! shout out in front of thousand of people. you know what happen at the night before our ‘dearly beloved’ country’s independence day? sound rebellious as i can be, true real Malaysian are not celebrating it and in fact, only those ‘foreigner’ a.k.a Aliens a.k.a pilaks dragging our so called Jalur Gemilang on the floor, wearing it like a cape, using to blow their nose, etc..

so tell me, how patriotic are you? do we have to raise our flag to show that we love our country? or do we count as Rebellion if we don’t raise any flags or go and enjoy parade?

i can certainly tell you that i personally won’t raising flags at my home, my car or waving flags at parade but it’s confirm that i would raise even a knife to defend the country against any threats toward country. do we have to join the army to love our country? in my opinion, it’s most a must to be in the army to be defender, right?

anyway, what i wanted to say is that Malaysian way of celebrating are very different from the others. we still having the gap between races and it’s not as per shown to the eyes of the world. can we just stick with what we believe but forget about it for awhile when we gathered so we can chat and joke around? it’s not that hard anyway, right? sit down, have a beer or coffee, laugh at stupid politicians or some other people’s stupidity, etc..

okay, enough about those stuff.


Saturday, 30 August 2008

wake up in the morning where i suppose to crash a wedding. so i drive to my friend’s house and pick him up before we went to Tg. Aru and wait for others to come. while waiting, we eat our breakfast before i decided that i’m going to the night wedding dinner instead of the morning mass. then off i go service my car and go home and sleep.

later that evening we all gathered and crash the wedding dinner. it was huge and extravaganza!! artist and the hall was huge air-conditioned. beer, wine, whiskey, you named it!! the only disaster that happened is a friend was drunkard and she’s was huge to carry her to the car. even worst, her boyfriend only riding a bike. how disaster is that? luckily there are few friends help sending them home.

in that wedding, i spotted a young blogger who i used to admire her open mind and courage. i mean, she used to be that way until one day she change into a bitch slut who thinks she is right all the way. when things doesn’t goes the way she want, she whine and bitch about it. no offence to huge people but she is fat. what do i mean by that? there are people with big bone structure like my sister. she is huge by size compare to the same age or height but this girl, i mean is fat!! not huge because diet or bone structure but fat as in you know you’re building up fat and your healthy diet are throwing out from the windows but you still eating more than you’re suppose to be. it’s okay to be too late and try to change or maintain the healthy diet instead like shoving all the foods in your mouth and eat it. but this girl are being a bitch by saying “oh, maybe i’m not ready to slim down.” yea, maybe you don’t but but doesn’t mean you can torture yourself later on to keep it down, right? keep it balance, cut off bit by bit. same as smoking. you can do it by cutting one ciggies per day or two.

i personally experience this. i eat and eat and eat without bothering my healthy diet. in the end, my health begins to show problems. chest pain, heart-struck-by-knife-feeling suddenly, my tummy getting look like this ~> b, stamina not as good as usual, getting lazy by time, etc.. that’s where i told myself to start some initiative. i couldn’t live on like this!! everyday people talking about health and need to keep the health diet. so i did and now i’m planning to balance out my diet so that i’m still on track. conclusion is, don’t feel bad when people call you fat but to keep well balance diet and when you got the spirit to cut it down, go for it!! show them that you can!! kekee..

Sunday, 31st of August 2008

the big day!! where lungs shout for independence and street full of people for the parade. how calmly i sleep at home. hahaa!! i forget what i do today but sure thing that i went to a friend’s house to re-format his computer. as usual, IT tech guy come to the rescue. he call me up and asking about reformating stuff and later his sister called and ask if i’m coming to the picnic or something. stay there until 12.30am.

Monday, 1st September 2008

wake up really early. wash up and get ready for the picnic. waited for awhile before going then i text my friend how it will be. so in the end i decide/have green light to drive my brother’s car to the picnic. first pick up my friend, Marie which live just nearby then we go to her college where the Caprey, the organizer friend is waiting. then we go to Marina Court where his uncle is staying before we head to beach. as usual, pack everything that we needed and head to the beach. just before we finish putting stuff in the car, Caprey’s mum just arrive.

as we arrive, we choose our spot and we start our fire before we can barbeque some pork and meat. yay!! start out we fix the grill which took us sometime. then things getting out of patience when starting the fire. Cap’s uncle, Pedro gave up on starting the fire because of the wind and stuff that used to start the fire. after that, i took over and gave it a try. and guess what, few light here and there then we started it!! hah!! fight that you wind!! then everything went well. laugh at the neighbours who is singing badly, telling jokes and playing around, Miki, the dachshund running around being the centre of attention, teasing each other as always, etc.. we finish at some where around 3pm or 4pm then we pack up and send everything back to Marina Court before we hangout again at starfucksbucks, Warisan Square.

later that night i go out again and when to a friend’s house and reformating people’s computer where i did it halfway backup and left early as i need to get up tomorrow for work.

so that concludes my holiday weekend. quite fun and crashing in a lot of stuff. and i actually found a ‘beautiful diamond’. kekekee.. i’m giving more details about this diamond. so figure it out yourselves and i’ll get back to ya. laters!!


2 Responses to “Weekend Holiday Hangout!!”

  1. beautiful diamond??? wow, I think I know..hehe..what a fun weekend u had. mine was obviously boring..anyway, sorry but I tagged you..haha

  2. diamond? what diamond? hahaa!!
    sabar la my dear sana. i’m sure something can be done while passing the time sana. kekee..
    btw, apa tag² ni!? hahaa!! just kidding..

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