something or somehow

nothing much i can say here but to show you guys some pictures. here’s the medication i took for my headache. common in Malaysia is Panadol where trusted by all Malaysian for common headache and painkiller. this one is Panadol activ-fast. which i find kinda ‘fast’.

the needle that i use to poke my head. i have this huge massive hump on my head that been living for ages. so i decide to poke it myself to make it dissappear. and what do you find underneath it? massive oil in it that i have to squeeze all out to make sure it doesn’t stay there anymore. weeks later, i still find some in it. oh well~

okay, this re-draw from a friend’s bag. which at first i’m getting inspiration for my next tattoo but somehow, i lost the inspiration even before i could start designing. sad but true. maybe someday i could get the inspiration back.

how deep is the deepest that you ever experience with paper cut? i’m not sure you guys but mine are 3mm deep. yerp, 3 freking mm deep where i got it from tracing paper. which a thick paper compare to normal paper. blood was ‘gushing’ out. just kidding but it wasn’t a pleasent experience especially the thumb.

here’s my friend who was fascinated by dancers. short short skirt dancers on stage. you get the drill why they are holding the camera. hahaha!!

about that finger. yerp, it’s mine. i mean i got a small cut and ‘someone’ like rushing to the rescue and get panic until i change my finger with other hand and she like, “mana? mana? where is the wound already?” hahaa. how i love her expression. it was fun weekend where everything is so random and not going as planned. and that PSP, that belong to a friend of mine. how sweet of her to lend it to me for as long as i can play. awww..

that’s all for today as i’m busy with this ISO audit and some practice need to be done. hopefully i can blog like usual after all these shit keeping me busy. hahaha!! laters~


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