Elephant are cute btw

as promise kana tag by arms yang he been screaming my stretched ears to do it. XD

elephant as trusty Wikipedia said,

Elephants (family: Elephantidae) are large land mammals of the order Proboscidea. There are three living species: the African Bush Elephant, the African Forest Elephant and the Asian Elephant (also known as the Indian Elephant). Other species have become extinct since the last ice age, the Mammoths being the best-known of these. They were once classified along with other thick skinned animals in a now invalid order, Pachydermata.”

okay, enough about it in Wiki. now to the tag!!

some elephant are train to do stuff especially in Thailand.i wonder if it’s routine trained or really brushing their skill in creativity.anyway,it’s cool how an elephant able to draw with their trunk.

sweet!! now beat than hooman..hahaa!!XD

as explain in my friend’s tag, his/her name is Noppakhao,a bull elephant drawing another elephant in Ayutthaya province, Thailand.

as for being tagged, ni nah ni sia punya lukisan mcm buadak.[here’s my childish drawing of elephant.]


now i think all elephant is ROFL now seeing human drawing of them.damn!! i forget their nails!!

finally, i did it Arms!! hahaa!!

am not tagging anyone since myself having hard time to do this so free for tag if you feel like doing it.

p/s – take some time off from work. it worth it.


6 Responses to “Elephant are cute btw”

  1. Apa ni??? Elephants??? What the…. -_-“

  2. elephants are cute..hahaha!!
    tag bah ni..copy si Noppakhao, the elephant drawing..
    so what do you think?

  3. Dude, you finally updated your blog. It’s been ages.. Nice drawing.. LOL

  4. hehee..thanks!!busy bah lately..

  5. At last you did it!

    Haahahaa!!! Damn… that looks really awesome!;B

  6. ermm..thank dude!!

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