30 questions to help you change your life

something that i found in internet. 30 question that took me 2 days to answer.XDi add up some stuff and modify a bit of it. anyway, wanna know more about me? read on.



This is an activity to help you start creating your life the way you want it to be. It is all about getting results in your life.

30 questions to help you change your life:

p/s – this *asterisk is my comment.

1. What are ten reasons someone would be happy to be in a relationship with me?
* dude, like hell i know why people like me!! correct me if i’m wrong here.
a) down to earth kind of guy
b) cartoonish yet real
c) good looking (for ladies..hahaha!!)
d) easy to share problems
e) listener
f) wide open-minded but sometimes doesn’t agree with
g) supportive
h) funny yet evilish
i) not a saint yet not a devil
j) able to discuss with

2. Who are five people I admire for their ability to share love?
* most people can share love depends on how the opposite respond.
a) my mum
b) my sister
c) the guy who started ‘free hug’ (then again, he might making money out of it.)
d) volunteries in helping out in 3rd or 4th world/local in-need society
e) [i have no idea right now.]

3. What’s holding me back from opening my heart?
* obviously is my skin, flesh, ribs and fats!! hahaha!!
~> i don’t know, maybe it’s the past scars or lies. or maybe out of my own stupidity, who knows?

4. What are ten qualities I really value in my closest relationships?
* i think these ten qualities is must have in my life.
a) trust
b) humors?
c) stupidity
d) support
e) knowledge
f) communications
g) understanding
h) acknowledgement
i) help
j) simple smile

5. Am I willing to take risks and create more connections with others? If not, why not?
* i have many bitter past where being used and stuff. maybe i’m just scare to take risk.
~> i’m not as i’m afraid that things might not work out as we wish and i might taken advantage of.

6. What do I need to change or develop in myself to achieve the success I desire?
* motivation is too common. actually i needed a friend.
~> ermm..motivation?i mean i do lack of motivation and support.

7. What are my five greatest strengths at work?
* money will push any workers moving!!
a) trying hard?
b) not an average give up person?
c) passionate?
d) loyalty
e) more like reward pushes things up

8. Who are two people I truly admire in business and why?
* i’m not very bright in business.
a) i’m not really in business minded kind of stuff.
b) no one i think.

9. What would I do differently at work if I knew I couldn’t fail or be criticized?
~> i think so, i mean no one will say anything and whatever i do it won’t fail, right?

10. What are ten things I really like to do?
a) bungee jumping!!
b) rock climbing!!
c) surfing!!
d) skim boarding!!
e) drive at least 200km/h in a car in a track!!
f) sky diving?
g) hit and beat out the crap of someone i hate.
h) out for a trip for a year without worrying anything.
i) play in a band for at least once.
j) winning in a BJJ tournament.

11. What are five activities I used to enjoy doing as a child that I wish I did today?

* with the present of opposite gender will boost more in doing stuff. XD
a) running around.
b) playing basketball shirtless.
c) when jogging with a group of girls. XP
d) being in a team.
e) worrying nothing else except schoolwork and scoring in exam.

12. How can I bring these childhood pleasures into my life today?
~> i don’t know..most of them seems easy with being more social with friends.

13. Who are five playful partners or potential partners in my life today?
* like hell i got a lot of potential partners.
a) |v|4*1//3 //6 – my current partner in crime. hehee..
b) //4745#4 ?0#// – she’s cool, wild looking but i didn’t keep in touch.
c) (4554//)24 – she is nice, funny yet devilish but no further level may be made.
d) x#02 11 54 – she’s my ex, things can be together but forget it.
e) 32//1’/ – past history crush. quite fun but doesn’t thing see things go far.

14. What playful activities am I willing to initiate in the next week?
* i have very dull life.
~> i don’t know..the best i could do is go have a movie..

15. Who are my most treasured friends and why?
~> i treasure every friends that i could.

16. When do I feel most connected with others?  When do I feel most disconnected?
a) i most connected when they call me at certain times for certain event with a group of peoples.
b) disconnected when they keep on talking about themselves bragging, keep on teasing or start making it like they have the right to do so.

17. When I distance others what are the fears, resentments or other reasons behind this?
~> being forgotten.

18. What do I need to change about myself to have more fulfilling friendships?
~> ermmm..more social skill?

19. What can I do this week to create more meaningful connections with others?
~> talk more i guess..i’m not much of a talker..

20. At what times in my life have I felt most passionate or alive?
~> of course being someone you love, right?being love and to love..

21. What activities or personal experiences feel most meaningful to me?
~> that would be..i don’t think i have a significant experience but i would love a surprise birthday attack..

22. Do I want to create a more spiritual connection in my life?  What is something I could I do to cultivate this?

~> i don’t think so..if there is, i just need to be more friendlier than usual.

23. Looking back at my life, what are three problems from my past that have paved the way for positive growth and how did this occur?
a) being left out?
b) always kept quiet.
c) bad ending love life?

24. Choose three current problems in your life today. How can these problems be turned into opportunities for personal growth?
a) social life – i suck
b) working – politic kills
c) relationship? – lack of it

25. Do I ever create problems to get attention or pay someone back?  If so, how?
~> i don’t actually create problems but i’m more like raise my hands and see if someone notice.

26. Who are three people I feel handle problems effectively?  How are they different from me?
~> i can’t name any for now but most noticeable different is i can see more positive way out from their problems.

27. What are ten things I feel grateful for in my life right now?
* S.L.K = small little kancil
a) i’m working with quite a pay even though kinda underpaid.
b) i’m alive.
c) i still have my parents.
d) i’m driving an 14 years old S.L.K even if the car kinda having hard time.
e) i still can save up money.
f) i don’t drink.
g) i don’t smoke.
h) i have a cute girlfriend even though seldom meet up.
i) i still have a place to come home with even i’m broken as hell.
j) i can buy my own bass with my own money while still able to gorw my collection.

28. What is standing in the way of spending time each day in moments of gratitude?  What do I need to do to change this?
~> disturbance? hard to say but all i cna do now is wait.

29. Which people would I like to thank for their help and support in my journey through life?
a) my parents
b) a few good friends
c) the internet!!
d) demotivation poster

30. What are ten ways I can acknowledge myself along this journey?
* cuci mata = ‘wash eyes’ = eye candy = admiring (female) beauty XD
a) listen to great music while hum with it outside my balcony.
b) have jamming session with my friends even i still //008 in it.
c) setting up or learning new linux command or tricks.
d) come for dinner as much as possible.
e) laugh out as much as possible.
f) walk around in the mall and enjoy the scenery about other human.
g) ‘cuci mata’ as often as i can before i go blind. XP
h) enjoy more movies!!
i) creating stuff with my mechanical pencil.
j) try to spend more time with my kanojo/girlfriend.


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