i watched this movie few years back with a buddy of mine. being a pussy in horror movies, at first i am intimidated as i hate sound effect they try to frighten you up using loud sound. during the movie, all change from intimidated into curiosity where the movie is actually a more like a thriller than horror as it only involve murder rather than supernatural ghost invading, monster attacking kinda thing. well, since they called it a horror movie so we just called it horror.XD

i watched this movie again yesterday which is the uncut edition, where extra footage of more blood and gore rather than the first released.

  • An extra closeup shot of the body on the floor, which shows the extent of the “gunshot wound” on the back of the head.
  • A few extra seconds of Paul crawling through the razor wire.
  • A few extra shots of Amanda sifting through the intestines and stomach of the unnamed man she kills.
  • An extra shot of Lawrence sawing into his foot, which shows more blood.

the movie was directed by James Wan, written by him and Leigh Whannell. at first, a short movie of it was shown in 2003 promotional tool in pitching the film’s potential to Lion’s Gate production. later on, they came up the first ever movie with the same name, ‘Saw’ was release on October 29, 2004. so that means it was 5 years ago
when it was released. what a minute. i remember watching this movie
back in 2005 or 2006 as i drove myself to watch this movie. late for a
year to appear in cinema because of Censorship Department having hard
time to cut those blood and gore scene? shheesshh..

it’s a very nice movie for those who like mysterious murder with blood and gore where the ending is something that you won’t expected. the murderer pick his victim from people he sees as wasting their lives and placing them in a room trapped with instruction or hints in order to escape the inhumane test room and dump their old life, in which murderer feels that they took their lives for granted. different than all psychotic murderer who enjoy torturing their victim and ending their life, Jigsaw Killer, the given name to this murderer does not intend to kill his victim.  however, the trap is design to force victim to attempt murder, suicide and even prompt to accidental mishap causing the victim’s life.

i watched while eating Instant Noodle with my siblings around 10-ish. was so thrill by the movie, where i search in the internet for more information as i wanted to blog about it. shocking as i shot my pants, the movie is actually a Movie francise or Series. which means, they have like 5 release each year before Halloween. wtf?! aaah!

anyway, i felt like it suck because such good movie wasn’t on cinema in my country. i mean, yes, it is psychopath killer, blood and gore, misleading to viewers but come on!! it’s a good horror movie that so that we can shit ourselves scare while watching and having nightmare about it. i just don’t get it why they even put up the ’18 and above’ and what kind of genre do viewer expected warning sign and still cutting out the scene as warning have been told? why in the name of motherfucking do they need to do that? it’s just spoil the whole movie where things just went skip before stabbing to murderer clean it up without blood. if it happens in television, i understand as children have easy access to it. one of the things i just don’t understand in life.

another horror movie i really like lately is ‘G.P. 506’. a Korean horror film which took place at present days in Guard Post is on the frontline inside the Demilitarized Zone. the story goes where investigation were made to understand why a soldier would kill entire squad of his comrade in the guard post. is it because of mentally disorder? is it because of treachery? as the military investigator took place to understand more about the killing spree, they know that is too late for them to escape a virus out break which turn them into aggresive ravenous flesh-eating human who doesn’t remember a thing when woken up. interesting story as it’s about an out break but rather dissapointing as the cause of the infection is still remain unknown. it’s an like it or not kinda movie but for me, it’s still interesting to watch.

lately my life have been a mess. busy with work, going out to have fun, learning to play bass while jamming the shit out reach my dream to having drama in life. it’s kinda tiring for me to updating my blog. but here’s a question i’ve asking myself, should i make this blog into a profit making blog? if i should, i really need to update as often as i could to generate readers. if i don’t, nothing really happen but my chances to make profit will be bury under the stack of web pages. what’s your opinion?

p/s – all detailed information, pictures about Saw [Movie] and G.P. 506 are from Wikipedia and the instant noodle picture was taken from Google search which lead me to hot-screensaver.com’s picture.


7 Responses to “horror!!”

  1. Saw! Love that movie..watched Saw 1-4. am now anticipating to watch the 5th. Watched GP506 as well..quite a good movie..I think..but I watched it in the cinema so maybe few gruesome scenes were cut..

  2. erkk!! mana buli kalah ni!! hahaa..i didn’t watch the 2nd, 3rd and 4th..huhuu..GP506 nice kan?like usual la if in cinema..

  3. saw 1 saja yang bagus. the sequel after that suck

  4. alalalalaa..buruk la klo gini..haiz..

  5. I enjoy the Saw trilogy!!! Really… mimang disgusting la but syok kan. The twisted plots and stuff… and blood and gore! HAAHA…

    GP506 pula macam so slow la the story. I guess that’s what you get when they usually do love story movies then go for horror movies keeke…

  6. as if there’s nothing else better to do, but a quickie wont hurt. YOU HAVE BEEN TAG BY ME! HAHAHAHAHA

  7. Ooowwhh!! the horror~

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