my car seat stolen!!

warrrggh!! matei na krusi lama pun mau curi ka? [still wanted to steal it even an old car seat?] wtf? arggh!! aaah!


actually, it’s not stolen.. XD

i took out the out one just to fit in my old new car sit that i bought.

mwahahaa!!! no more ass-sliding-while-cornering!! XD the seats haven’t arrive yet but i remove it earlier so that i have space to transport it. the other seat was originally from Daihatsu Mira L200s and it’s cost me Rm500. argh!

but it worth it because it’s comfy, still perfect condition and something new to cheer myself up from ‘bad’ incident happening. haiz.. hopefully my current life stress will sort out soon. at first it started with twitching below my left eye. it have been like that few days until it came and smack at my face like a cricket paddle on my face with the speed 150km/h. just imagine how hard it is that unbelievable, i still manage to fake a smile in front of my friends.

my relationship are hidden under the carpet and only will taken out once awhile due to many reasons. well, actually go on kinda smoothly with bumpy ride until recently. hahaa..what can i say? maybe it’s miscommunication between us? anyway, all i wanted for Christmas is that our problem will be solve and things get better than it is. XD

.::[  1ph  ‘/v0  423  234)1//6  7#15,  1  #093  7#47  vv3  (4// 741x  7#15  0v7  1//5734)  0ph  831//6  7#15  vv4’/.  1  23411’/  )0//7  vv4//7  17 70  83  11×3  7#15.  cry ]::.

okay, end of gibberish langguage up there. it’s nothing important to other people. it’s only dedicated to a person only. Pai!! don’t you dare kasi decode and post it somewhere. hahaa.. baca sija la ah.. anyway, tonite i will go home, vaccum up the old new car seat and then put it on. hehee.. will up date later maybe tomorrow.


4 Responses to “my car seat stolen!!”

  1. LOL…i thought the car seat really been stolen
    wah, got secret code lg ah..anyway, I’m sure things will work out for u soon..cheer up =)

  2. kekeee..nokotigok your heart?
    not really secret code la.. it’s just another language like P-language sija but more universal.. hehee.. thanks!!

  3. read you clear, roger and out! err.. its ‘/0v not ‘/v0 bro HAHAHAHAHA *WINK*

    yeah i know, i need to get laid. i can read it without any help d-uh!

  4. 5#17!!! typo bah dia spot.. seriously need to get laid suda kita ni tau..hahaa!!

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