New Toy


new early Christmas toy? hehee.. i’m not sure. but i’m sure that i’m very happy that i bought them. i know it’s second hand and it’s old. 1992 or something but i can swear this, it’s much more comfortable than my original kancil car seat. serious!! i even feel comfortable that i almost felt asleep while driving. no shit!!XD

here’s some snappy of them.


“back seat with middle divider not like usual kancil seat.”


“close up back seat”


“front passenger seat”

if you were wondering where did i get these, i get from ‘slaughterhouse’.



can you see all thoseĀ  parts hanging there? it’s actually call junkyard but i can call it slaughterhouse because in chinese, they call it that way and car than send there are basicly been slaughtered for parts. sad isn’t it? anyway, but come to think of it, you can pick up most of the stuff here. i mean, from front light to steering, from spring to door. almost everything. i bet i could build a buggy there and drive it out. XD

but not all type are there. i mean, mostly are those common car. you expected BMW or Merz, they might have it but consider it rare. so if you have a car not older than like, 10 years? you could possible to find parts than you wanna replace in here.

anyway, my car seat now is officially E.T.!! hahaa..i’ll show you guys later when i have the time..


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