custom header?

lately i’m experimenting in making my own header for this blog. what i wan is  i wanted to be myself instead of use ready made theme. well, maybe only the header to be special.XD

here’s my request, can you guys give comment? huhuu.. i think my colleague, Jenny is about to bash my face for keep asking for opinion. XD

anyway, here it is.


so, apa mcm? how? okay or not? yalah i know i rip off from the original and then just put text in it. actually i wanted to make a logo for my own. so the logo will be on the way now. thanks for reading and comment. XD


8 Responses to “custom header?”

  1. Very nice! How u do that? I want I want! Teach me!

  2. heh? wooohh.. thanks!! i use GIMP [image manipulating software] and download some font from website then just put in those words. kekee. get GIMP from and font from if still blur, nanti la i explain how. hahaa..

  3. Thank you thank you!

  4. I tried downloading the fonts but all of them gave the same error message. Can’t extract the files. It says: Unexpected end of archive..hmm…any idea?

  5. huh?ermm.. not sure.. it could be your zipping software ndak ngam or something.. try re-install.. if still kenot, hehee, i also dunno..

  6. i like the background, but the font is a bit messy. but then again it suit your blog title lah

  7. wooohh..thanks Pai!! yalah, maybe need to pick more tidy font..

  8. ok bah~ its a pre-Paid for blogging lessons…if i start one~ hehehhe

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