16 Random Facebook taggy

You can do it on Facebook’s Notes or on your own blog. Just make sure you link back so I can read it.
  1. Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
  2. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged.
  3. You have to tag the person who tagged you.
  4. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

si anu bah tag sia. kekekee.. si Paival tag me in his own blog which link back to Facebook’s notes. which means, i can tag more people even they don’t have blog!! yay!!

here’s the list of them :~

  • Michelle Tann!! (you’re not running anywhere.)
  • Armstrong
  • Papams
  • Maxine
  • Shevon
  • Crescentia
  • Natasha
  • Wendie
  • Marie
  • Melanie
  • Sarah
  • Melissa
  • anyone who would love to do this tag

i think that’s all i got. anyway, back to taggy!!

  1. if possible, i always wanted to have full upper body tattooed and at least 1 inch stretched lobes! i’m not being different, i’m just being myself.
  2. wish to be out there instead of being in here. yea, i have this introvert problem. you know, shy and so full of myself.
  3. peace loving kind of guy but would go frenzy rampage if you cross my limit, which is kinda far to cross the line.
  4. started blog as a fun pass time thing but later today, it’s getting serious. which it suppose to be life time experience with little people know about this but now end up putting where ever i could. weird.
  5. this is one thing for sure. i’m helpless in remembering people’s face. i mean maybe today someone introduce you to me and the next 10 minutes, i totally forget your face. just *snap* like that and i forget.
  6. surprisingly that  i can be consider as a geek. funny but yes it’s true that i’m a geek and most of the time i try to deny i am but not today.
  7. Jenny said that i’m a violent kind of person because i like guns. it ain’t true Jen!! it was intended to kill to protect rather kill for leisure.  but there is a point about me here, if you ever see me in a blood bath with or without weapon, it could be me being protective by killing instead of hatred toward the victim.
  8. Semangat Setia Kawan!! well, if i see the person worth to sacrifice myself.
  9. i have kick-ass parents where they just being supportive even sometimes they don’t really agree with what i’m doing. for example, stretched ear and tattoo. even my mum teach me how to flip-finger toward road hogs.
  10. wishing was able to be in Japan, live there and even being a street racer or racer or something as long it’s involve with Japanese Automobile. what can i say? i love automobile modification as well.
  11. still on the lower stair of learning guitar and having hard time to learn. maybe because of work stress and motivation.
  12. 1  (4//  234)vv2173 1//  1337  4//)  1  ph0v//)  7#47  1  53210v51’/  //33)  70  637  141). 1’|v|  4  phv(x1//6  \/1261//!!  0ph|v|6!!
  13. i can listen songs from pop to R&B, jazz to rock, alternative to metal but most of my playlist is alternative to metal range.
  14. i enjoy  )0vv//810v53 but i can’t admit it in public as it will tarnish my name. but seriously, why can’t i enjoy them right? it’s normal anyway.
  15. i like to do research. i mean, reflected to my name which mean wise guy, i like to learn, have my own opinion, try out and even sometimes facinated with simple thing/stuff unaware by daily life.
  16. i wish my love life relationship didn’t end up as per today. everyone would love to have happy ending, right?  i still missed her.

abis juga bah ni tag ni.  start out in the morning 8.30am and now is 3.18pm. seriously i need to get close to myself so i can do proper introduction in any form. don’t report me!! i’m multi-tasking doing work, reading manga, picture editing, writing blog and sneezing. now that is multi-tasking like my Boss wanted us to be. XD



7 Responses to “16 Random Facebook taggy”

  1. ermm..i felt like i am in kindeRgaRden…auuuuuuuuuww~ hahhahaha.

  2. waahh… what i can say, no. 16 will surely come your way, and when its here, please proceed with no. 12 HAHAHAHAHA. eh what’s that no. 14? did u spelled it correctly?

  3. I will do this when I have the time..hehe

  4. jlo ~> yo jlo.. you okay ka? we are in kindergarden still.. hahaha!!

    Paival ~> i would love the #12.. hahaa!! ngam la tu )0vv//810v53.. you know, looking )0vv// into 810v53.. hehee..

    Michelle ~> embah.. faham juga sia bah now busy..

  5. oh i get it. hahahaha.. ok ba. normal ba dat. i also do it, especially dat certain sum1 dat i told u 😉

  6. wooohh!!may i? may i? hahahaa..kidding..

  7. can bah if you hahahahaha

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