all i wanted..

christmas-boring-facefor Christmas this year is be able to be with my itoshi like we used to be or at least a phone call from my itoshi.

i guess that wish never came.

“when a person have a broken heart, there’s always another person with a glue gun..”but-not-in-my-case


someone please slap me!!XD


2 Responses to “all i wanted..”

  1. *slap* *slap* what’s your name? *slap* *slap* say your name *slap* *slap* *punch* oopss!!! i think i over did it. tihihihihihi

  2. *slap* *slap* my name.. *slap* *slap* is kaes..*slap* *slap* *punch!* *faint*

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