7 Attributes

let’s cut the crap and move directly to the tag, shall we?

.:: 7 Attribute of your dream woman/man ::.

  • first and fore most, she must able to accept that i like body modifications and tattoo. like it or not, i have 16mm stretched lobes and a tattooed calf and i’m very sure that i will adding more tatoo or even piercings if it’s possible. i may have piercings and tattoo but that doesn’t make me a bad attitude person right?
  • seduction. what can i say? i love it when my partner know how to seduce while i’m busy working or playing games or out of a sudden. i mean, i like being tease and i think it’s not a crime, right? everyone have their own limit but to me, it’s a one of many ways to keep the relationship spark. yes, i’m a perv but of course she need to know the limit.
  • cooking is important too. ‘best way to get into man’s heart is by cooking’ is one of my favourite quote. what can i say? i love eating and me myself not a real good cook. beside, a couple can learn together in cooking.
  • financial planning better than me!! hahaa!! i have a bad habit which i suspect inherited from my dad. which mean, sometimes i needed to be control by someone. hehee..
  • happy go lucky. most of my friends find that i’m very melancholic kind of guy. so to counter that part, well, i need someone to keep things spice up, merry and make me smile everytime i’m around her or even thiking about her.
  • cute girl. seriously, i’m weak to the spine and a sucker when a cute girl start talking to me, i’ll turn into an idiot looking guy standing there like a log. hahahaa!! i really bad in talking to girls beause i can be consider as a geek. you know a geek go ‘ga-ga when girls start talking to them.
  • understanding. well, we all have our busy times with work or project or outing with your guy friends. well, i intend to forget promise when i’m too concentrate in what i’m doing so she sould understand that i’m a kinda forgetful kind of person and maybe she can remind/warn me on what i have promised. i’m a slow ‘pickup’ by the way.

.:: 7 women/men that you’re interested during your lifetime ::.

  • Lily Chong ~ first love and girlfriend. what can i say? sweet memory walking home together, school’s club and sport are really what we enjoy together. atheletic, happy go lucky and cute. broke up because i’m being selfish, breaking her heart because i think she deserve better. i wonder how she is right now?
  • Leesa Khor ~ second girlfriend. met in the half-built national camp back in 2004. again happy go lucky and cute. spend most our time try to avoid being seen by the trainer there that we’re dating in and out of the camp. it’s like running away from policeman for your crime.¬† ended because of long distance. she’s in Johor right now. hope she find someone better.
  • Maxine Ng ~ third and kinda disappointing how it end. purple freak, Japan culture enthusiastic for short. lots of up and down happen and i didn’t regret about it. no one suppose to know about us but since it’s not there anymore, what the hell? not like being in love is a crime!! innocent, cute yet naughty. XD
  • Julia Bond. an American pornographic actress. cute kan? hahaa!!
  • Nana Kitade. J-Rock/J-Pop artist. She is particularly famous for dressing in Gothic Lolita fashion. cute kan? hahaa!!
  • Moon Geun Young. she is one of the most popular actresses in South Korea. cute kan? hahaa!!
  • Emma Watson. Hermione in Harry Potter. cute kan? mwahaha!!

*note that similiarity in comment.

.:: 7 feelings if you went out with the person you’re interested with ::.

  • everyone will have this ‘butterfly in the stomach’ syndrome.
  • idiot looking log that just answer question when asked. shy la bah bilang.
  • ‘oh my gawd! is my hair okay?’ syndrome. you get the drill.
  • try my best not to make her bored or even get the wrong idea about me.
  • clumsy. seriously, i will turn into the most clumsy that i could be.
  • “i wonder if should i tell her about my feeling?” question keep repeating in my head.
  • happy and thrill but in the same time scared and ‘i wanna go home’ feeling even though¬† i wanted to be with her.

.:: 7 special places you want to visit with your partner ::.

  • around Sabah in 80 days!
  • Japan! [kan?]
  • Korea [i rike]
  • New Zealand
  • Paris
  • top of Mt. Kinabalu watching sunset?
  • anywhere just the two of us.

.:: 7 items/special stuff you might want to give as a present to your partner ::.

  • matching ring. nothing important than a ring.
  • my hand made cake/cookie/cooking!! of course need to be perfect before serving.
  • real Amethyst Cross necklace.
  • picture of me when i was small!!
  • url to the future web shrine i made just for her? hahaa!!
  • a kiss
  • my heart. [actually my drawing of heart.]

.:: 7 songs you might want to sing to your partner ::.

  • I’m Still Here ~ Vertical Horizon
  • More Than Words ~ Extreme
  • TrulyMadly Deeply ~ Savage Garden
  • When You Cry ~ Vertical Horizon
  • Melody of You ~ Sixpence None the Richer
  • Stay ~ Estrella
  • Kind of Perfect ~ Armor for Sleep

.:: Tag 7 of your friend that you would like them to do this ‘7 Attribute’ ::.

since i don’t have much of blogging friends, i just tag some of them from Facebook. hopefully they do it in Notes. XD


10 Responses to “7 Attributes”

  1. ya ya ya!!! i always thought emma watsons is cute hehehe.. uumm.. web shrine? thats sound familiar…

  2. kekee..you know that she is legal age this year kan? mwahahaa!!
    all 633x should know about that shrine.. =P

  3. Moon Geun Young looks like a guy in that picture..haha.. This tag..so personal..might have to think deeply first before doing it..hehe

  4. better bah web shrine, the whole world knows you love her HAHAHA

  5. Michelle ~> erk..adaka!! hahaa!! sorry if it’s too personal.
    Paival ~> but now have to wait for the next one. NEXT!!

  6. do for julia bond

  7. Julia Boooooond sja bha… eeeee…

  8. manada Julia Bond sija? ada lagi yg lain bah..kekee..

  9. Of all the 7 girls I only know Emma Watson..Kesian ba

  10. hehee..sabar bah..you can’t absorb with all the world news juga bah..

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