guess what’s new shop in Centre Point?


Adult District!!


warning, ‘toys’ that sold in there is completely not safe for people under 18. XD

surprisingly that they manage to open up and adult shop in K.K. i have a peep into their shop and it seems like they still renovating the place. so business hours and date to open are still not confirm but you can always go and check it out. if it’s open, please let me know. XD

located at Centre Point, 3rd floor near the Game Station where normally people play the ‘punching game’. i would love to have a tour inside the shop.


“i think they selling sexy cosplay uniform too.. *slurrrrpppp!* eih? hahaa!!”


as you can see, these 2 product was on the glass panel display shelve. i think the blue thing [Sex Room] is also a vibrator. i can’t really see what kind of vibrator it is. the other one is Egg Dandelion. pink coloured egg shape vibrator than can be use in many ways for ‘pleasure’. for those who love Japanese porn, you guys should know how to use it without the manual. XD anyway, you can notice my innocent reflection on the glass.


12 Responses to “guess what’s new shop in Centre Point?”

  1. Fuiyoo, maju uda KK..haha

  2. hye, u saw that shop today too.. haha..

  3. i was meaning to say, i saw that shop too..

  4. Michelle ~> yabah..something that you don’t expect everyday ni.. hahaa..

    Erica ~> yae, i know many people saw it but i really wanted to post it up to show perv i am.. XD

  5. wah! something interesting to c now i cp YAY!

  6. least something new..

  7. We already know how perv u are..haha

  8. Nice Blog

    Thanks for the sharing

  9. hahaa..thanks for the comment sexywomyn. who ever you are..

  10. bahaya ni barang, sampai patah kau punya mini SD reader

  11. mwahahaa!! yabah.. dun worry. gam gajah will do the trick.

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