what is your Omen for the New Year? [2009]

mine would be..

blood on hand


well, i was just surfing the internet and suddenly i have nose bleed. hahaa!! so much for ‘good omen’ for the year. there’s more blood than the picture actually. i was actually stucking my pinky finger into my nose to stop it first. mwahahaa!!

wo, what’s your’s? and don’t tell me it’s bad. t(=.=t)

update :: bleed again at 8.32pm. seriously something is wrong with me.

arphdrate :: it’s the third time and it’s not funny anymore. 09.17pm


9 Responses to “what is your Omen for the New Year? [2009]”

  1. Haha..you should drink more water. your body is heaty. Happy new year!

  2. erkk..no la..could be weather keep changing or someone trying to put curse on me.. hmmm.. (=,=)

  3. i think u’r lack of water la bro. drink more water.

  4. sorry.. hehehe.. just want to test my gravatar hahaha

  5. bwahahaa!! mcm ndak jadi sija tu.. remind me.. should get a pic of me with nosebleed. haha!!

  6. jap jap jap…. test lagi ni hehe

  7. should get a post for you to test your gravatar..hahaa..

  8. i tink u terkena bintang penyapu bah~ u knw who…..the other day, when new year weLcoming he come creeping by the door…peep at u & stalk u ? kekkeke

  9. poop!! poop!! poop!!! get it away from me!! AAAAHHH!!!

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