tush my bodee!!

oh my fucking gawd!! i almost burst in laughter in the office!! enjoy..


7 Responses to “tush my bodee!!”

  1. this is something like “ken lee… tu libu dibu daucuu” HAHAHAHAHA!!! 😀

  2. hahaa..glad that you like it..i wonder if Mariah will comment on this..

  3. wtf is all i can say ;D

  4. hehee..try kita ramai² kasi spoil lagu Mariah..

  5. mariah ada bagi comment dia bah on this. ada sya simpan dlm blog sya

  6. wooohh..bukan yg Bulgarian tu.. yg korean ni skrang ni..kekee..

  7. hahahah! did blog about this as well.. 😀

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