The Handwriting Tag

nothing really interesting lately in my world. no outing, no incident, no fun. none. but anyway, here’s a latest tag from Paical Paival. kinda hate it because my hand writing sucks.

The Handwriting Tag.


  1. Your name/ identification name / username etc.
  2. Write anything using either your left/ right hands
  3. Most favourite alphabets
  4. Less favourite alphabets.
  5. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”
  6. Tag 6 more persons/ bloggers

nah, here’s the writing.
sensen004abis tag. kinda blur because i don’t have high powered camera. just a phone camera in the office. maybe later i try to replace it with better quality capture of it.

tagged :~

  • Michelle
  • Erica
  • Armstrong
  • Papams
  • Chan Chun King

4 Responses to “The Handwriting Tag”

  1. Nice writing oh..haha!

  2. hahaa.. thanks..

  3. hye, sory i x dpt buat lg d tags. busy nw, x masa mo online.. nti2 i’ll buat aa.. still belajar abt this blogging stuff lg ni.. hehe..

  4. okay bah klo ko.. nothing to rush anyway.. 🙂

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