well, i have pick up a bass guitar to play since like last 3-4 months ago and i must say, i kinda like it even though i’m still consider as a noob.

i have been to few jamming session with my friends where only consist of 3 people and amazingly we able to play many songs although not as good as those who they called God in certain instrument. we did enjoy ourselves and did few improvisation.

in the last jamming session, we did sit down for a chat and i ask how is my performance as a noob bassist? they somehow say pretty good for starter and need more practice as i have many mistakes. then another point was bought up. i needed an inspiration and an idol.

so i when like, wtf? are you guys serious? why i’m saying that is, i don’t usually idolise a person just like that. not even actor or even admire an actress until i’m so crazy about it. so i now i’m trying to find an idol to learn and make an influence in playing or make as gimmick . so far i only have like handful of them.

  • Taiji Sawada – a Japanese bassist, musician and songwriter. i’m amaze by his skills back in when his in X Japan. he might have more amazing stuff shown and i didn’t really get to see it. from resources said that he is now reviving from the down time of his life. hope he can get back there where he left off.
  • Hiroshi ‘Heath’ Morie – Taiji’s replacement in X Japan in 1992. he do have amazing skills and many people comparing him with Taiji since he replace him. i don’t know much about it but sure think that i like what he did on stage.
  • Clifford Lee Burton – Metallic’s bassist. many adore him and many do critise that he just using massive effect. well, whatever it is, he did impress many people out there. what more can i say? maybe i’ll just review or getting inspiration from him. [i wonder if he just play by feel or still have to look at frets from the way he head bang.]
  • Geddy Lee OC Weinrib – an award winning musician. how couldn’t i idolise him? he is major influence to many great Rock and Heavy Metal bassist. even Steve Harris and Cliff Burton was inspired by him.
  • Stephen Percy Harris – self taught bassist when he was 17. well, to make it simple, his style is rough. i mean, going fast with 2 fingers. normally we see all those guitarist/bassist try to utilise all fingers to achieve fast pace. he uses Power Chords (like hell i know what it is for now.. :-P) and he never warm up or using picks. to me, i think he like it rough. kekee..
  • Tal Wilkenfeld – 1986. which mean she is a year older than me and she’s playing like a Goddess on stage. wtf? yea, believe me. she took only 3 years to master Electric Bass. she begin playing guitar at 14 and change into bass at 17. my planning is to beat her record of 3 years. i hope. (=.=)

well, i think i’ll just all of them in my observe list so that i could be variety instead of beingĀ  photocopy of them. anyway, now is to determine what kind of style should i play more often? there are normal ‘Walking Man’, ‘Slap & Pop’ and also ‘Tapping’. of course now i started ‘Walking Man’ because i own an Acoustic Bass guitar instead of Electric Bass guitar. so far i’m liking to use ‘Walking Man’. it’s a good start since it’s harder to play with acoustic than electric and also not forgeting that if i’m going to a friend’s place to hangout or small jam, i don’t have to carry all my equipment there.


” selections that considering. maybe not. šŸ˜› “

i don’t do much of a planning currently except to keep praticing and save up as much as i can top get all the equipment that i needed. so far i’m planning to getĀ  myself at least a decent amplifier to plug in my Acoustic Bass as i planned earlier before i bought it. here’s my planning.

  1. get myself an Acoustic Bass to call it myown and start praticing. [bought myself an AEB10-BK. old but realiable. picture above with my first guitar.]
  2. get an 15watts amplifier home-use and cable. [then again, i might buy 20-watts for safety reason. who knows?]
  3. get an E.Bass and start ‘Slap & Pop’ or ‘Tapping’ technique. [i might learnedĀ ‘Tapping’ at this point. again, who knows?]
  4. full fledge independent songwriting/jamming with buddy as hobby or even part time club playin. [okay, this part is just a planning/dream.]

then again, i don’t know how long does it take me to finish them all. i’ll just keep on track what am i doing and hopefully i have not forgot what have i wrote today. but for now, to get my first amplifier tomorrow. of course, i’m not an expert to know what is best for my budget. if it’s cheap, i might get the E.Bass in one go. wish me luck!!


2 Responses to “idol?”

  1. your first acoustic guitar yamaha?

  2. hahaa.. no.. it’s Santa Cruz and cost around Rm125 back then if not mistaken.. not gonna sell it..yet..

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