End of Jan


all of a sudden that i have an idea to keep posting about end of the month review about my life. boring? yes i am currently in lazy mode because it’s near holiday for a week. so what else can i say? besides, i wanted to keep review about myself myself.

.:: Health ::.

well, i’m sure about this but i’m very sure that i’m not in good shape. i had nose bleed on 1st of Jan. imagine that. first day of the year and i’m bleeding my nose. and my planning to jog every weekend didn’t really come. so? wtf!! should really get my ass on exercise because my tummy is really getting bigger by day.

.:: Work ::.

same shit, different day. enough said.

.:: Vacation ::.

.:: Playing Bass ::.

still working on fret board and walking.  planning to buy an amplifier but cancel due to no stock.

.:: Love Life ::.

all i can say is, it’s not easy for me to forget it. [failure]

.:: Blogging ::.

nothing nice to tell this month. sucks to be me.


anyway, Chinese New Year is coming and i’m really not ready for it. i mean, i did bought some new clothes and stuff but still, my room still like a store room. wish i could take some time off from work and clean it up. another have pass. once again i felt older after the Gregorian Calender New Year. i need to get more serious about my future now. nothing in plan except save more muney and wait until i have something in mind.

Disclaimer: all images are collected from internet and edited for blogging purpose. i do not claim images be my original art but if it’s your’s, sorry for using without permission and reason i’m using them because you are better than me. 😛 will tear down if you want me to.

One Response to “End of Jan”

  1. go jig/hiking at bukit padang

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