faceless bassist

i’m not really understand or very clear with youtube trend. the main point i’m joining youtube community is for searching videos and inspiration from everyday people in playing bass to push my training in bass.

recently i found that there’s this trend where they hide their face and play guitar/bass. of course, they play waaaayyyyyyyy better than i am. i’m not sure if they train well before uploading or what but still, they play really well as an active bass in the song.

there’s this girl that i subscribe lately, not that i being a stalker but she is good. her user name is minsatellites in youtube. i don’t know if she’s a Japanese or not but she use Japanese so i’ll assume that she is a Japanese girl. most of her song selection is Japanese songs. many other comment about her being a fag [aka a guy dress up as a girl] but not that i care because being a girl or not, she still play way better than i do. so that is why i still stay tuned for more and hopefully i can learn a thing or two. a skilled player is still skilled no matter who they are. hopefully she can give a tips or two since no one is teaching me anything about bass guitar.

here’s a few clips from her.


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