Holy Sh..Cow!! i’m reading?

yerp. there’s no doubt about it. i know most of you guys who know me will got ‘OMFG LMAO ROFL BBQ LOL’ that i’m starting reading. i’m not much of a reader when come to books no matter fiction to non-fiction, fairy tales to fantasy blood and gore war thing, whatever the genre you called it.

my colleague,  Onee Chan and Paivaru Senpai is a reader and somehow it making me feel that i should get my interest in reading. there’s nothing wrong with reading and of course all age are encourage to read more. so i give it a try to see how far can i finish a book and go on with another book.

as starting, i picked The Secret by Rhonda Byrne because it seems interesting and recommend both by Onee Chan and Paivaru Senpai. so i went to local book store to get my hands on it. i bought one after i round the whole book store to look for it and it cost me Rm79.99. well, not that i’m complain about what but i need to save up for my Ibanez Electric Bass. seriously i was thinking twice when i about to pay for it. i mean, we living a world with piracy and fake stuff and i can easily obtain in the internet or just photocopy it from someone. carefully thinking, better i get myself a copy since i’m trying to start something for year and it’s not good to get pirated stuff. so stop piracy!! unless your local Goverment are pain in the ass about censorship although warning sign have been put up. anyway, i still do not condone piracy. hahaa..


best seller for new age self help and spiritual genre in 2006. as explained, the book is all about self focus to think positive as result life-changing to increase wealth, health, happiness and more. well, as much as it being best selling, critism and notoriety have been made claiming that this book is misleading and false. i don’t know how true are those but somehow i believe that the readers have the right to choose to follow or not, to believe or to debate about or just as reading purpose.

here’s a sypnosis i took from Wikipedia.

The Secret is a book that presents what is claimed to be a centuries-old technique of the Law of Attraction, which in essence is the power of an individual’s positive thinking to change and influence outcomes in their lives. The book claims that by using the “Laws of Attraction”, an individual can become wealthier, healthier, and happier. The “Laws of Attraction” are the “secret” that the title of the book suggests to the reader. The book claims that the secrets outlined in the book have been known by famous and influential people for centuries, but that they have conspired to keep these secrets hidden from the general public for their own benefit.

The Secret is described as a New Age spiritual self-help book, with the basis of the claims of the “Laws of Attraction” originate through understanding the cosmos and how an individual can influence it for their own personal gain and benefit.

despite high critism for this book, i think i’ll just read on until the last page to make my own judgement about it. maybe it’s workable as newer and simpler concept or another word, new age? give me 3-4 months to finish it then i’ll maybe do a review about this book.

anyway, back to my boring life that work and no play. before that, maybe i should do something for this up coming Valentine’s Day. cheers!!


3 Responses to “Holy Sh..Cow!! i’m reading?”

  1. Haha! It’s good you’re reading..Maybe you can go to the kk library to save you cost..the book seems interesting..but haven’t got the chance to read it..tell me what you think after u read it k? Take k

  2. finished halfway already, its a very inspiring book, well at least for me 😉

  3. hohohoo..i think it’s hard for me to borrow books from library because i read very slllooowww..hahaa..so far, it’s very inspiring for me and also few of my friends.. kan Pai? hahaa.. i can lent it to you if i can finished it in time..

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