Dear God, the only thing i ask from You..


execute my mission today. mission impossible a.k.a sending myself to my own grave yard. hahaa..

wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm. if it’s not annoying, i won’t wake up anyway. get myself ready and start my mission for the day. happily humming with nice thoughts, good feeling and all.

reach City Mall around 10.20 in the morning. it was early so i head to Popular book shop to buy a small card just in case i needed to drop my stuff. while i’m at it, i got this call from RTM. cool!! what did they want? they wanted me to attend some talent search or something. they like how i played my bass and they get my number from the studio that i always have my jamming session with my friends. the guy wanted me to call the number that he gave me for more detail.


what!! how they fuck did my number end up in that studio? i never even leave any contact detail. weird kan? move on as i ignore but then they called back and asking why didn’t i call that number. you what the real story? the caller is actually one of my band mate who making prank calls to everyone. hahaa.. talking about pranks. how do people appreciate a no body guy who just start playing for like 5 months and have nothing special about it? i just forget about it and when on.


upon reaching the florist shop, i pick up my previous late order bouquet [if you still consider 3 roses a bouquet.] and start driving my way to her house. now, it’s a late order because the idea just came up one day out of the blue and it was 2-3 days before. so they almost sold out and left only 2 colour selection to pick with and it’s limited less than 10. purple is sold out.

anyway, so i called her and she’s not picking up. so much of a bad omen. so i called again. and again. finally she pick up and ask what do i want. explain that i wanted to meet her for awhile then she told me she’s not at home.


then i ask her where is she? then she told me that she’s on a school trip to some expo at One Borneo. i told her that i’ll be there in a short while and so i drove off. you will not believe how crazy i drove along the way. crazy and moderate fast. i don’t just speed off you know. please be safe on the road. 🙂

reach One Borneo around 20 minutes later then i  try get into basement parking. so without patient, i drove and make a wrong turn. hohohoo.. so what happened? i have to make another big round to get back to the parking. before i could reach back, i receive a SMS from her saying why do i wanted to see her? is it important?

so tell me, is delivering a bouquet of roses to the one that you love  important?

of course it’s important, silly. nothing else is important on that time. i didn’t tell her my real intention. just tell her that is important and i wanted to pass her something. and guess what she told me. she ask what if she don’t want to meet me?

it’s okay becau.. WHAT!!

hamster_heartbreak[okay. seriously, until this part. i don’t really feel good and hardly continue to finish this. i’ll explain why later on.]

well, dang!! by this time, i have parked my car and my freaking car alarm is not working. okay, here’s the plan.

Plan ASearch and Destroy!!! hahaa.. it’s search on feet no matter where is she. One Borneo can’t be that big in this situation, right?

Plan BPersuasion till Death Upon Me!! i don’t think this will work.

Plan CHire every guard that available in the Mall and ask them to report to me when they saw her. then again, won’t work because guards these days are hopeless.

then she suggested to pass to one of her friend. okay, not to shabby but i think it will work. so headed to the meeting spot which is in front of Kenny Roger’s Roasters. if it’s possible, i really wanted to meet her or even have glimpse of her to see how is she now but i can’t complain, right? when i reach there, guess who i saw.


so what should i do? what should i do? pretend i didn’t saw her and just move along. i can call her back later on. hahaa.. suck to be my sister. i don’t really have time to explain so i just move. having hard time looking for her friend but i did met up with her and ask her to pass the flowers. oh! did i told you that the card that i bought? well, i just wrote to her and from me. i have so many things to say but i can’t put it to pen and card. so i just drive away to my office, pick some stuff, have lunch all by myself and bought some pellets for my turtle. after i have done everything that i could, i when home and have some sleep because i have migraine attacking my brain like legions of  flies hovering and sucking of my brain cells.


so i wake up later this evening and still have my migraine, i told my mum that i’m not going to my niece’s full moon. somehow, i rather stay at home tonite for to rest. i suppose to send the T-Shirt design to my friend but i think i’ll just send it tomorrow. hopefully i can make it. so i open up my laptop and start surfing with tonnes of weight in my brain. and guess what i found.

my desperate ex gave me flower that i dun even want
and wanted to see me.great. i didn’t see him though.
was kinda annoyed cause i want to live my life PEACEFULLY.
if your reading this then it’s the truth.face it. im over you.leave me alone.


i swear when i read this, i felt like i just strike by heart attack with a bad diarrhea while hitting my head on the end of the parang. i seriously stunned and don’t have a single word at that moment. it’s like end of the world, everyone going to the spaceship and my leg got stuck while running towards it just before they close the door and flew off. i know i may be the last person she wanted to see but what have i done to deserve this? i did not cheat, i did not even thinking about leaving her and matter of fact, i hold her like i’m holding to my dearest life. my intention of sending flowers are to show my affection and at least she receive something nice on Valentine’s Day. how can a nice intention turn into disaster? i don’t know if she reading my blog but anyhow, it’s really hurt to be treated that way and i ‘m really hurt by those words but i don’t get upset of her or even get angry of her because i never wanted to hurt her or annoyed her or making a huge drama about it. i just wanted to make you happy and if everyone abandon you, i’m still there.

p/s – seriously, someone please slap the senses out of my. i got flu and cough from this stupid bitch from office, having migraine from this afternoon heat and i really need a break from work.


10 Responses to “Dear God, the only thing i ask from You..”

  1. ouch!!! dang!!! bummer!!! look at the bright side. at least you know the outcome, instead of wondering the rest of your life.

  2. yerp.. the unpleasant outcome.. fighting in a losing battle and i won’t give her a sweet victory.. bwahahahahaa!!

  3. Ouuuchh~ i dunno wat really happent between u two….weLL, fate has its own funny ways of bringing ppL together..let time heals ething k~ Tips : when a gal make it to publish in that way, its definately serious…sighhh~ at least u can move on now ? takecare~

  4. erkk.. maybe i should.. i don’t know.. it’s not like you can just throw a tin can away.. we’l see in future..

  5. wow! my avatar is up and running! hehehehe.. off topic sudah. u’r just afraid to go “fishing” on the open sea sj ba tu. alredy went “fishing” near the shore lines. “fishing” on open sea can get much better “fish” bah. kan jen chan?

    pandai cakap sj, sendiri masih lagi cuba memancing ikan yg sama HAHAHAHAHA

  6. owhh.. but klo confirm dpt, okay apa.. jan sija yg ndak dpt punya..

  7. walao..seriously kaesen *slap slap*…not worth it..get over it..I’m sure you’ll find someone much better..

    by the way, if she don’t want, I want the flowers..I didn’t get flowers for valentine =( lol

  8. ish ish ish.. sad gila tu hari tau.. yg really getting ready noose to get hang ni.. hahaa.. nvm, nanti sia hantar bunga sma ko.. bila bday? hahaa!! now focusing jaga Marj sija ni.. don’t want to think so much..

  9. 5th July…don’t forget oh…hehe

  10. hahaa.. buli bah.. set alarm on calendar.. 😛

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