End of Feb


it’s Monday morning in 2nd March of the year. well, it suppose to be composed before March came but owhh well. guess i’ll just continue from where i left off. as usual, by the end of the month i’ll try to write a review about the month. i know people might find it boring or doesn’t really care because it’s none of their business. so why the hell should i care right? WRONG!! actually i cared because blog is where you write something to share with readers and with hope to entertain or give new info to the readers .  well, for this post it’s all about me. you may skip this if you like.

.:: Health ::.


same shit, different day. the only healthy part that i’m getting is my tummy.

.:: Work ::.


just like last month. same shit, different month. but the thing is work getting hectic day by day. stress building up and shit getting more from work and office politics. they are seriously pain in the ass i must say. what else i can do? just ignore and work it.

.:: Vacation ::.


the original planning is to go to white water rafting in Kiulu River with my bunch of my colleague this March but it was postpone to the next month. owhh crap, never mind about that. it’s just postpone. there’s a ‘friend’ did invite me to join her in white water rafting but i decline because it’s a convoy to Kiulu and i’m not really in the mood lately to have fun. i could but it’s just won’t be a natural happy state.

.:: Playing Bass ::.


well, previous month i said that i’m working on fret board and walking. somehow, i still need to work harder in it because i’m still slow and sluggish on fret board, walking is okay but still not up to the word ‘average’. my friend/drummer, Mink said that i’m doing fine for some who learning within 5 months. to me, i can’t be just play fine if i’m playing with people who is way more experience, right? i don’t want to be the only one bring them down. all i can do now is to play more at home with my lappie on with music. and additional notes, i need to learn ‘slap and pop’ and i got a tips from Mink that i should fill up the 500ml Carbonated Drink bottle with warm water and press it as one of the exercise. believe that could soften finger tissue or something. no harm trying right?

.:: Blogging ::.


so far, so good. sometimes i have inspiration, sometimes i don’t and sometimes i just drop dead lazy. anyway, most of the time i just do tag and stuff. hopefully i got more stories and info to come.

.:: Love Life ::.


completely hopeless, failure, disaster, destruction, dramatic striking, despair..etc..

how do i spill it to you guys?

i sent my flower to my ‘ex’ for this valentine as a sweet gift to show that someone out there do care about her. i’m very sure that you would smile when you receive something from a friend on special occasion right? but in my case, she become furious about this my gift. reason? i don’t know. if you say i cheated on her or something, okay, that could happen. but in my case, no, i didn’t cheat on her, hit her, neglected her or even being a jackass. i even love her until there’s no other candidate who i would pick. love her as if she’s the only female living in this world. i even would sacrifice most of of my life jut for her. so how did that happen? don’t ask me. this part you need to ask God, Love Matcher, Love Goddess, Cupid..etc.. [depends on who do you believe in responsible for Love.]

so that is my love story. i admit i still into her and no one else. i could just bang any other girl but i chose not to. why? i don’t know. could be it’s just me being loyal to one and no others. like in the picture above. i know it’s stupid to love a girl that doesn’t love you back or even care about it but it’s just keep on haunting me. especially that certain songs that keep on reminding me about her. a matter of fact, there are alot of them. is it a sin to love someone? is it a crime to care for someone that we hold dearly? is there a way in this wrecked world for me to embrace her and stay with her for the eternity? maybe no, maybe yes but certainly, i’m not ready to give up yet. 😛

.:: Financial ::.

still on it. change my amplifier budget to this Line 6 Pocket POD. this thing called effect/amp/cab/recording device. basically, i don’t really need loud amp because i’m not in a permission to play loud. so this thing might be more useful that an amplifier. go figure. now to wait until i get enough muney for it.

that is the wrap for the month of February. long and more pictures. v(^.^) hopefully next month would be more flourish and more beautiful thing to tell. adios!!


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