left or right?

Right-brain folks tend to be more of the creative versus the left-brain folks tend to be more of the analytical. However, both sides tend to have distinct qualities that can be found similar.

  1. Left brain people tend to sort out their skittles and eat them. Right brain people don’t care and just put it in their mouths randomly. Left brainers also tend to eat meals in certain orders, first the mash potatoes because its ok, then the peas because they are gross, then leave the chicken for last. Right brainers mix it all up.
  1. Left brain people tend to stay on task by keeping organized schedules, right brain people keep it all in their head.
  2. Left brain people approach tasks by going down a to do list and crossing off finished tasks, right brain people do something when inspired.
  3. Left brain people have their desk well organized with categorical folders, right brain people have piles of unorganized papers.

So really the right brain is for the artistic abilities of a person. A person who is a right brainer over the left brainer will be more artistic, creative and spontaneous. On that note a person with a more active left brain will be more logical, precise, analytical and controlled in behavior.



3 Responses to “left or right?”

  1. err.. u have both but a lil bit heavier on the left tihihi

  2. maybe i am.. hahaa.. thanks!!

  3. no worries.. so do i haha

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