you know what?

now i’m sitting at the corner of my room, on my old car seat writing this and searching for stories to write. so what i got?

it’s Tuesday, 3rd of March in 2009. sitting flat on my ass watching old movies and fighting my sleepy eyes from shutting and my brain start to wanders into dreams. well, if i do dream anymore these days. but for tonight, maybe i do because i just finish watching a movie. you know which one?



yea, laugh at me if you think i’m sissy to get scare of the movie. i was watching it in the dark and neckphone on. volume to the max and the lappie is around 750mm away from my face. all i can say from your sleepy eyes sealed tight with double padlock to wide 3 inches 4 toothpick strengthen eyes.

so what my rating for this movie? 9/10

fuck yea that high. because? come on!! have you watch it yet? i mean, not that i’m a zombie freak but things like this do happen, you know?

here’s a ASCII art that i made. no fancy but yea, still can be consider okay.


some fuck up dude try to revive someone from dead. if you could, bravo. there’s eternal life for everyone and this world is getting more buttsecks. [that would be global warming/polution/high population..etc..] but if it’s end up like this movie? then we’re fucked.i don’t really like the idea about it but still, we need  to get ready for this kind of thing. it’s a big world out there folks. we might as well get ready for anything. i’m not gonna repeat everything here so go get a copy of this movie but if you’re highly sensitive to motion sickness, maybe not.

anyway, that wrap up what i’m doing this tuesday night. well, most probably what i do everyday since my ‘life’ have been taken away. she said that we can still be friend last time but now, it seems like i’m legally prohibited from existing in this world. not that i’m pushing her into getting things back to where i wish it could be but i just wanted to be keep in contact. maybe it’s my fault because i keep reminding her that i do care about her even if the world abandon her. i know her family very well and now is really a bad time for them because of the recession. and i still don’t know why this could happen. hopefully i could clear up my mind before i went coo-coo and sent to Hospital Bahagia/Hospital Bukit Padang/Local Sanitarium. you know why? because i know if i’m unwell, no one will know about my condition except my close family. friends? yea right. i couldn’t count on them about it. readers? maybe you guys can notice when i’m not updating for 2-3 months. hahaa.. me making joke of myself.


i think i’m making my own blog into my Love Shrine. jeeezzz~


i do miss other people too!! i miss Papams, Arms, Michelle, Marjorie [both my daughter and a friend], Paivaru Senpai which have been sent out to site [get some nice shot of the beach view at sunset!!], real BJJ pals [sorry i couldn’t join because i still can coop my anger against those train-to-win people], Gilbert the Idiotic Dog, Gavin, Davies, Dinesh, Lynette, Debbie and many others real good friends that i seldomly meet.


6 Responses to “you know what?”

  1. I miss u too! hehe.. is the movie really scary ka? I wan go dl la

  2. hahaha!! it will be much more better if you put on headphone to the max volume and watch it alone in the dark..

  3. hahaha.. eh i went to shoot sunset bah. hehe

  4. owhh.. more sunset shot ka or more chicas’ shot?

  5. how i wish i work there as well.. XD

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