Sunday Morning!!

remember my friend’s invitation to White Water Rafting?

Cassandra, the friend that i talking about called me at Saturday afternoon asking if i’m free on Sunday. well, at first i am very lazy to go but she keep pushing and pushing to ask me fill in. and yerp, i end up going with them because 2 person bail out so i fill in the missing spot.

Sunday, March 08, 2009.

the boring morning.

big-tree-sunrisewaking up around 0600 [6am] with my eyes still closed shut. what the hell!! i don’t even wake up this early on weekdays! trying to strike open my eyes with a pair of crowbar but still unsuccessful. anyway, brush teeth, wash face, clean up, pack up, double checking.. etc. while my eyes still shut. so i start up my engine around 0645 [6.45am]

reach Mengatal town around 0705 [7.05am] and find myself a parking spot. so i park under big tree and i text Cass to make sure that i’m not in the wrong place where we talked yesterday.  no reply. *sigh* don’t care much then i waited there. around 0730 [7.30am], i was thinking to call her but i didn’t. so i waited until 0800 [8am] and make the call. no one pick it up and it make feel like just forget it and drive home. just before i start my car, there’s a call from unknown number. whoa.. maybe she doesn’t have credit and she is trying to gather the others. so i tell her where i am and not long later she arrive with another friend. she told there’s a bit problem and ask me to stay for a bit while she went home. being understand, i wait again another 15 mins. after that, she come back with her sister if i’m not mistaken. so here’s where all the adventure begins.

the journey.

mantady_forest_roadso we start by meeting up a few friends of their at Mengatal Town. from there, one of them ask, “eih? aren’t we on all girls trip?” from that moment, i felt like i have been tricked. Cass told me that she need more companion since most of them are guys. crap. now that making me the only guys in the group. later on, we fill up the tanks and then send some keys to someone at Sepanggar. after that, we headed to Tamparuli for our morning breakfast. the journey is kinda awkward for me. Cass driving the car, Steph is beside me which we are not that really that close together and Mei Mei, Cass’ sis in front passenger sit. they all were talking about stuff and people that i don’t know of. yerp, all three of them are girls and me alone is guy and i’m just sitting there like know nothing. useless dumb ass. hahaa!!

the mistake.

worriedwhen we reach Tamparuli Town. all of you were jumping happily since all of us are hungry for breakfast. so we just find a parking and get out to grab some food. right after we parked our car, Cass get a call from the other group. they told you to go right away to the Kiulu water rafting. all of us sigh and start back the engine to the spot. mistake number one, no breakfast. so we when on the road lead into the ‘pedalaman’. after driving for like 30 mins. we started to worry we went to the wrong road. so we stop and call to make sure. so we’re sure then we went on. another 30mins, we all get even more worried and start making calls. the only hint that we’re there is a Church and a school on the left hand side. when finally we found a school, where is the church? we called again and now we make it real sure. actually we pass the place far away. they gave the wrong info about church. it’s on the right hand side. hahaa!! so quickly we get back where we suppose to be. second mistake, need confirmed info.

the event.

sensen002the real picture of the place.

we started slow on the rafting event. we start by inflate the raft, divide the the gear [helmets, life jacket and paddle.], and have a short brief about the safety and instruction. trying to synchronised our paddling, enjoying the view of nature, getting wet by splashing each other with river water. i can’t really tell you have fun it is unless you try it yourself. there’s a part where you have this body rafting. where you just stay raft with on your own. it’s fun until you went the wrong way and drift over the distance. hahaa!! i almost been drift away but luckily i know abit of swimming so can save myself to the shore. other than body rafting, there’s some area you were able to swim around the river. not to far away or else, bye bye sweet heart!! we’re gonna, you’re gonna miss everything. hahaa..

luckily our rafting journey were fine, no accident happen except, i don’t about others but my legs did ram to rocks. damn, it hurts, raining did happen and the other group try to capsize but unsuccessful. so we end the journey in heavy rains and all of us is hungry, especially 4 of us which didn’t have breakfast. we rest for awhile before we munch our way to finished up the food. no look other places but the food. so we took some picture together and then we wrap up and head home after thanking the rafter/guide for everything.

The hangout and go home.


we stop by at Tuaran for a cup of coffee since Cass is very tired and sleep. so we stop by at this Tuaran Mee Restaurant. have a cup of drink and chat for while before head home. we talk most about the rafting, how we keep hanging on our pants and how we regret we didn’t had breakfast before rafting.


all i can say is, i had fun even though i’m very tired from paddling and keeping myself not to fall off from the raft. sorry about lack of pictures. it’s hard to take picture when you’re having fun in the water. you don’t even have time to take pictures while you’re on the raft. but here’s a few lessons to learn meself.

  • teamwork is the main thing.
  • get real early with breakfast. you will need that breakfast.
  • confirm the place with the guide. they know how to guide you to the place if you drive to the place yourselves.
  • make sure the pants you’re wearing is tight around your waist to avoid, you know, wash away with the the current.
  • make sure all your camera or any electronic device to be water resistant. you will get wet.
  • the shoe that you’re wearing, somehow will get wasted. so expect to get new one after rafting.
  • for those who wearing spectacles, get a place where you can put it away fast and secure. you will never expect what will happen.
  • guys, keep you eyes open. again, you never know what will happen. hahaa!!

i think that is all. i’m still weak too the bones from yesterday. now off i go finding some grubs.

p/s – beach sucks because of the pollution. and yes, i intend to put this on here. i need my medication now. fuck!!


2 Responses to “Sunday Morning!!”

  1. xcept when the beach is full of haute looking chicks hehe 😉

  2. that would be an exceptional especially the one that you hold dear is there.. kekee.. you get what i mean..

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